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Four Guys 2019 NFL Mock Draft, Take 1.

Alas, one of the most exciting times of the year is here, and we get to indulge in the possibilities of franchise players and possible busts. In this Mock, I'm going to give you a list of who has what teams, and trades that the defacto GM's made. Here we go. #1 Cardinals - Nick… Continue reading Four Guys 2019 NFL Mock Draft, Take 1.


Is Jarvis Landry That Crazy?

We've always known Jarvis Landry to be an outgoing, loud, boisterous personality. Cocky, arrogant, some may even call him an asshole. One thing I'm not sure that he has been called, is clinically insane. When being interviewed by Sports Illustrated, Landry of the Cleveland Browns (that part is important) said. " You'll be lucky if… Continue reading Is Jarvis Landry That Crazy?