2019 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

Well, look no further, here it is. After scouting for an entire year, watching clips and breaking down shooting motions, I've come to my conclusion: This draft gets weird after the top 3.


Jabari Is A Cool Name And I’m Happy He’s Here

There’s no way they all get injured, right?So Jabari Parker comes home to my Windy City Assassins on a partially guaranteed contract. Early indications are that they’re gonna throw him in at the 3. And defense be damned, I’m gosh darn excited.As an old friend so lovingly said: “Carter’s gonna lead the league in posters… Continue reading Jabari Is A Cool Name And I’m Happy He’s Here


Summer League Notes

Trae Young is gonna struggle. But I still like what I see. He’s gonna have a rough time attacking the basket until his body develops a little more, at best he puts on 10-20 lbs over his career. Right now he gets to the rim easily, just can’t finish through the rim protectors at this… Continue reading Summer League Notes


Mike’s Musings (Part 1)

These are things that I think about when I’m falling asleep, taking a shower, or on the toilet. They’re obviously all opinions, but let me know how you feel. Or don’t, I really don’t care. Old Heads Old heads complain about the lack of big men in the post and claim it’s killing the game,… Continue reading Mike’s Musings (Part 1)