Is Jarvis Landry That Crazy?

We've always known Jarvis Landry to be an outgoing, loud, boisterous personality. Cocky, arrogant, some may even call him an asshole. One thing I'm not sure that he has been called, is clinically insane. When being interviewed by Sports Illustrated, Landry of the Cleveland Browns (that part is important) said. " You'll be lucky if… Continue reading Is Jarvis Landry That Crazy?


Potential trade packages for the #1 pick

With the NBA draft coming up, rumors have been running wild about who could be picked with the #1 selection. Our very own Michael Price has Deandre Ayton going first to the Phoenix Suns, but who's to say they actually keep that pick? After many years of unfulfilling teams and missed picks (with the exception… Continue reading Potential trade packages for the #1 pick


Brewers true success lies in bullpen, not bats.

If I told you that the Milwaukee Brewers were leading the NL central by five games this far into the season, well you'd probably believe me. Usually, the Brewers start off crazy good and suck after the break, or they suck until the break and turn it on when it's already to late. However if… Continue reading Brewers true success lies in bullpen, not bats.