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How To Be Competitive in Fantasy Football: PPR

Hello there, my Fantasy Football lovers. Do you love Fantasy Football, but can’t seem to find yourself competing towards the end of the year (Like a Calder Bernard)? Do not fear, as I am here to give you tips on how to become a better PPR Fantasy player.

1. Do Not Reach On Top End WR’s.

Alot of people will fall in love wide out’s very early in the first round because they think they can get a RB2 in the second round and compete, and maybe they can. But picking an Antonio Brown with the fourth pick when a guy like Zeke or Kamara, or even Melvin Gordon are sitting there could be disastrous for any team hoping to contend. Let’s be clear here, if your sitting at 10th in 10 man draft and DHOP is still somehow there, you take him, but make sure that your next pick is a workhorse back or close to it.

2. Do Not Reach On A QB.

Last year, you had a pretty good year if you took a late flyer on Pat Maholmes didn’t ya? Two things; 1. He will not be a late round flyer this year. 2. He is not worth a first, or even second round pick. The kid is uber talented and sure he will have good numbers, just as he did last year. However, defenses will have adapted and he will not be the same, and a QB that only gets you five less points a week will be available five rounds later. People are gonna reach completely based on the fact that he was the top scorer last year. Every year there are 10 QB’s who average around 20 or more PPG, find value late in the rounds.

3. Get your two RB’s early. 

Let me be clear, if you play in a three RB league or have a Flex, and you can afford to get a third workhouse back, you are in contention. Anybody who plays PPR knows that RB’s are the key to winning, so if you can get three value backs, snagging two decent wide outs and getting a Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins, feel good about your chances. This ties in with the first tip, so please, if you are in round three and a Davante Adams or a Keenan Allen are sitting there, don’t pass.

4. Do NOT Sit On Your Cards. 

Alot of teams that have been in the lead right before the trade deadline, have not always won the league. I myself have been in plenty of leagues where a team that sneaks into the playoffs is actually the one who wins it. I’ve won titles as a five and six seed, and I make a lot of trade proposals throughout the year. Sure, having two top 15 QB’s might sound good on paper, but what are you gonna do after the bye weeks? Look to move players who ride your bench that people are high on for value to help your team, or move two of your talents for an upgrade at one position and allow that bench rider to shine on your team. Last year was a great example with 49ers Greg Kittle. Many people who snatched him off the wire didn’t have him as their TE1, so when he blew up all year consistently, a ton of people moved their TE1 like Gronk and Ertz to secure a RB2. Don’t get greedy and help yourself.

If you have any tips that you think should be in this article, feel free to comment below!

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