Grading Every NBA Teams Off Season

We have waited for so long. This is finally the NBA off season that we have wanted.

Adding this to a draft that could bring some fresh new faces to the NBA, lets take a look at the moves that have been made and grade them like I am: the strict history teacher that you hated in middle school.

Eastern Conference


  • Boston Celtics – B+

You lose the player that was supposed to be the final piece, and the glue that held the team together. However, you did get a player in Kemba who wants to win over getting his, and Kanter can fill some of what Horford did. Watch out for Carsen Edwards.


  • Brooklyn Nets – A-

The Nets went from a young, up and coming team to a team that will contend in the East this year, even without KD. Chandler and Temple are great additions, but putting Irving onto a young team that has a ton of star potential sounds very familiar to his Boston situation. Tie that with KD and Kyrie together, and this has explosive potential, so this isn’t a home run just yet.


  • New York Knicks – C+

From Zion, Durant and Irving to RJ Barrett and 3 PF’s. They traded away the best player they have had in a long time in Porzingis. They got Wayne Ellington….. So there’s that.


  • Philadelphia 76ers – A 

Losing JJ Reddick was a big deal, as his three point shot helped eliminate Simmons weaknesses. Signing Harris and Horford was a huge bonus, and getting Richardson back in the Butler trade could pay off very well down the road.


  • Toronto Raptors – C+

You lost Kawhi, and added a Euro League star. Congrats.



  • Chicago Bulls – A

Hard to have a bad grade when all you do is add Thaddeus Young on a good contract. Let your guns continue to develop and next year will be very appealing for Anthony Davis to come home.


  • Cleveland Cavaliers – C+

Average grade for an average off season. Garland looks like a nice piece to build around, unless you decide to trade K Love for D Lo mid way through the season.


  • Detroit Pistons – B+

The Pistons entered this off season with nothing (but rotation players that you can replace easily) to lose and anything to gain. Adding a guard like Rose who has shown he can still be flashes of his formal self minus the athleticism, could be a huge addition for a team that had Reggie Jackson running point. Adding Morris will add some depth at the front court when Blake needs a break.


  • Indiana Pacers – A-

Losing a player like Bojan is problematic, but scoring Jeremy Lamb and T.J. McConnell should be enough to cover that up. Adding Malcom Brogdon? The former 50/40/90 player could help Indiana reach new heights with it’s shiny new back court.


  • Milwaukee Bucks – B+

Gotta do, what you gotta do. It’s a shame to lose a player like Malcolm, but adding depth with the Lopez brothers should pay some dividends. Keeping Hill is nice after the release, and hopefully Matthews will be a shell of his former scoring self.



  • Atlanta Hawks – A+

Cam Reddish, De’Andre Hunter and Chandler Parsons? Sure they didn’t make any free agency signings, but adding two young players with All Star potential? Bravo to the Atlanta Hawks front office.


  • Charlotte Hornets – D-

You replaced Kemba, an All Star player, with an maybe starting PG? You also lost Kaminsky and Lamb for nothing. Not a very bright off season for MJ’s team.


  • Miami Heat – B+

You gain Meyers Leonard and Jimmy Butler, while losing the young player that your fan base was very excited for. You did get out of Hassan Whiteside’s contract, so maybe you’re players in next years FA? Who knows.


  • Orlando Magic – A

Resigned your best player with MVP caliber numbers, and added a nice wing in Aminu. Staying put isn’t the best, but you can now trade Vucevic mid way through the season.


  • Washington Wizards – C+

Ish Smith and Isaiah Thomas being your second unit is not bad and getting rid of Howard is a great move. However you didn’t move Beal and start the rebuild that you so much need.


Western Conference


  • Denver Nuggets – A+

Resigning your second best player to a max, while losing nothing is fantastic. Adding Bol Bol, could be (for lack of a better word) huge. MPJ and Bol could add a spark to the team that it lacked in the playoffs.


  • Minnesota Timberwolves – C+

Added some rotation pieces, lost your flash in a pan. Missed out on D Lo for whatever reason. Mediocre off season at best.


  • Oklahoma City Thunder – A

Alot of people are gonna hate or disagree with this grade, but hear me out. You traded your two star players and got back in return eight or more picks, and still have CP3 to trade or keep. Added Muscala and Burks, the Thunder are keeping cap low and stacking up for the 2021 free agency class that could once again change the landscape of the NBA.


  • Portland Trail Blazers – A-

Mario, Tolliver and Whiteside add new depth to a team that relied so heavily on it’s starting five last year. Bazemore will add scoring, but will not be as reliable on D like Turner. Whiteside could be an All Star when fed properly.


  • Utah Jazz – A++

If there was a letter grade above A, I would give it to the Jazz. Upgrading Rubio into Conley, and adding a player like Bojan is the biggest W of this off season. Davis and Green were very under the radar as well.


  • Golden State Warriors – A-

From nothing to something. Russell could be apart of the future for the Warriors and added Glenn and Stien could be huuuuge.


  • Los Angeles Clippers – A++

How…. in the hell……. PG and The Klaw? Nuff said.


  • Los Angeles Lakers – A+

Davis was a big addition. Cousins and cast was even bigger. They surrounded their three stars with a cast that they can be proud of, with Green and Rondo having championship experience, and maybe THT can be a great addition from the second round.


  • Phoenix Suns – B-

Well, they got a PG. Whether he is good enough to be a game changer, I doubt it. Good job at adding a stretch big like Frank.


  • Sacramento Kings- B-

Ariza and Joesph are quality adds. Resigning Barnes is nice as well. Sacramento will still be middle of the pack, barring anyone stepping up huge in the following year.



  • Dallas Mavericks – A

I’m gonna go ahead and consider acquiring Kristaps an off season move. On top of that, Curry is gonna be a huge sniping addition from deep for them with Luka running that O.


  • Houston Rockets – A+

Westbrook and you kept all of your rotation pieces? Goodnight Houston. You may or may not have just become the favorites in the west, or a team that gets eliminated in the first round. Congrats either way.


  • Memphis Grizzlies – A+

Dumped Conley, added Morant and Clarke? They made a ton of future moves while being able to compete this year.


  • New Orleans Pelicans – A++

Reddick, Favors and a ton of potential All Star players? Sure you lose the player that was considered the savior of your city, but Zion emerges from the draft and your city looks brighter than ever. Jaxon Hayes is an amazing add as well, and they added a stockpile of draft picks. That is how you rebound from your MVP player wanting out.


  • San Antonio Spurs – B

Staying put is the most Spurs move of all time. Adding Luka and Keldon could pay off, especially if Pop sprinkles some magic into their game.

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