The Top Five Biggest Free Agent Signings of All Time.

With Free Agency upon us, you might say that Christmas starts on June 30th, 2019. Some teams will look to find that one piece that they feel is missing from their title run. Some teams look to find vets to fill the wholes around their young players, and some look to hang onto the cash that they can never seem to spend. With that being said, let’s take a look back at some of the most impacting Free Agent signings of all time.


HONORABLE MENTIONS: The top five in this list are gonna be made up of people that we’re necessary to the team changing the culture and becoming title contenders.

Moses Malone to the 76ers. 

Malone left the Rockets to sign with the 6ers for four years, winning two MVP awards and a title in 1983.

Horace Grant to the Magic.

Leaving Chicago where he had nothing but success, Grant went to Orlando and helped Shaq to the NBA finals. Shaq then left, and made this list.

Dennis Rodman to the Bulls.

If you know they’re winning and you’re not, join them? The Worm helped Michael and Scotty win three titles in a row, whilst leading the league in rebounding, three straight years.

Agent Zero to the Wizards.

Gilbert Arenas was considered as a top guard in the league, and left Golden State to play along side Michael Jordan.



Number 5: Chauncey Billups to the Detroit Pistons.

After a disappointing start to his career, Billups would help the Pistons take down the Los Angeles Lakers, that was considered the greatest roster of all time.


Number 4: LeBron and Bosh to the Miami Heat.

I’m gonna get heat for this being so low (see what I did there?), but I think it’s fitting. LeBron and Bosh would join Wade to start what is considered to be the Super Team Era. Two Titles and LeBron added more hardware.


Number 3: LeBron goes home.

After losing to Kawhi and the Spurs, LeBron looked for greener pastures and saw them in his home. Joining Kyrie and trading for Kevin Love, the Cavs would bring their first title to Cleveland.


Number 2: Durant to the Warriors

The Slim Reaper changed the NBA Landscape when he joined the 73 win Warriors. He is currently with the Warriors and has added two rings and two finals MVP’s to his collection.


Number 1: Shaq goes to Hollywood.

Has there been a bigger signing that O’Neal to the Lakers? Shaq signed a massive 7 year deal that landed him three rings with the help of a young Kobe Bryant. Three Finals MVP’s is also a nice little factoid.


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