ALAS! Our favorite sporting event of the year is here, and we got our predictions for this series, and the implications it will have on the upcoming free agency! We are honored to have guest Leon Brooks with us to break down what we think will be a result of these NBA Finals. Let’s get started.

If your Kawhi, does the outcome of these finals affect your free agency decision?

Michael Price: I think just making it this far has him thinking. I’d go 50/50 between jumping to LAC and staying up north. The fans in Toronto have shown so much love for him throughout these playoffs, and there’s not much that the Clippers have that he can’t have in Canada. Sure, the possibility of adding a max FA and moving back home is enticing, but I think it’ll be a decision that he’ll be thinking about no matter how the finals end up going.

Christopher Wimsatt: No win or lose, I’m coming back to Toronto. It took one year to make the Finals in the East and in two years everyone comes off the books except the three young guys.

John Cleven: If I’m Leonard, this absolutely plays into my decision. If I stay it’s us vs Milwaukee for a few years in all likelihood and I’ll take those odds. So a win is a big reason to stay East. But if KD goes to LAC that could change things drastically

Calvin Kamrath: Regardless of the outcome, how can you leave? The East will be the weaker conference unless a super team forms in NY or Miami. He will wait until everyone has signed to make his decision, because he is gonna find the best possible spot to win rings. Here’s to Kawhi, hopefully realizing that he should don the Purple and Gold of the 16 time NBA Champs.

Leon Brooks: I don’t think that Kawhi is gonna stay regardless of the outcome, he’s a man of his word. He wants to be in LA, and whether they win the series or lose in six, I think that he is headed back home.

Same question, but for Kevin Durant.

Michael Price: I think KD’s made up his mind already; he’s outta there. Not on bad terms or anything, I just think he sees the criticism questioning the validity of his rings (even if that’s ridiculous since he has 2 FMVP’s to boot), and will go to a team where he can prove he doesn’t need multiple all-stars to win.

Christopher Wimsatt: KD has to leave now especially if Dubs win without him. Now is the time to go to your own squad I guess you can say but your still gonna need help regardless.

John Cleven: I think KD is 50/50 regardless of the outcome, I could see him and Leonard going to LAC together but I could also see him staying with GSW for another run without injury, either way I don’t think this year’s title is a factor, I think he’s on the fence as much now as he will be in 3 weeks

Calvin Kamrath: I can’t see a scenario where the softest minded man in the league decides to stay on the easy path. Sure, it would lead to more rings, but I am almost positive that he cares more about winning with his own team, rather than sharing one with Steph.

Leon Brooks: It matters, if they end up winning this series. I think he’s gonna stick around for an unheard of 4-peat, something the likes of MJ, Kobe or LeBron have never done. Sign a one and one. If they lose the series, I think it’s an easy out for him. He would be headed to LA or NY and when I say LA, I mean the Clippers.

Any suprises with the teams in the NBA finals?

Michael Price: Warriors no, Raptors kind of. I thought the Raptors were the second best team in the East all season, though I didn’t expect the Bucks to lose four straight to anybody

Christopher Wimsatt: A little surprised to see Raptors in the Finals, especially with only having Kawhi for one year and it seems too have already paid off, regardless of  these Finals outcome

John Cleven: The Warriors are not a surprise. The surprise is the fact that the Bucks aren’t here. The Portland series was a test for the Warriors to get better without KD. As for Toronto, they we’re not the better team in that Milwaukee series, but mentally the Bucks collapsed.

Also, Drake is not a top five rapper. Yes, I am salty.

Calvin Kamrath: I truly thought that Milwaukee would be here. Toronto and Kawhi did to Giannas what LeBron did to DeRozen in past years. The Warriors we’re shocking to me once KD went down, mostly because I did not believe that Curry would return to his Unanimous MVP form.

Leon Brooks: I am more shocked about what happened in the West. When the season first started I thought that my Spurs didn’t go 82-0 and DeRozen would win MVP, but ya know.

In all seriousness, Golden State was a lock. Toronto isn’t really a suprise, if you go back and remember that they had the best record in the East last year, and all they did was upgrade from a top 20 player to a top 3 player. My biggest take away from the East was the jump that Milwaukee made. In the beginning of the season, I thought Toronto and Boston we’re the only threats.

X Factors in this series?

Michael Price: X Factors to me are usually bench players, but here I’ll take the 3rd best player on each team. Golden St. needs Draymond to lock up Kawhi and Siakam, especially if Danny Green continues his cold streak.

I don’t think Gasol is as much of a factor if this happens, but he and Lowry are my X-Factors for the Raptors. Both were fantastic in the previous round, and provide the veteran leadership every contender needs.

Christopher Wimsatt : Siakam for the Raptors. He has to be the clear cut 2nd option for them. Iggy for the Dubs, hopefully has one more series in his body. They need his defense to help on Kawhi.

John Cleven: X Factors for me are Klay and Siakam, two guys that are great 2 way players and tend to be the barometers for their respective teams successes, both need to be on point. If both guys come to play, Thompson is more of a factor as he’s just flat out better when both play at the top of their game

Calvin Kamrath: For the Raptors, it’s Marc Gasol and Danny Green. The two veteran mainstays on the team need to produce big in this series. If Green can get out of his shooting slump, we could see Klay and Danny go at it.

As for the Warriors, it’s Draymond Green and Kevon Looney. They have to protect that paint and if they do, Toronto is gonna have a very hard time winning a single game.

Leon Brooks: You have to go with the superstars here. It all depends on what Kawhi and Steph end up doing. The series will go six games, and I think Steph is gonna average 35 a game en route to his first Finals MVP.

Finals prediction, with MVP. 

Michael Price: Warriors in 6, Curry finally gets his first MVP.

Christopher Wimsatt: Dubs win in 6 . MVP Curry

John Cleven: Warriors in 5 (W,L,W,W,W). MVP Curry. If they have a series lead when KD comes back in it’s cause of Curry and it won’t matter how KD finishes if Curry has 2-3 games under his belt, he’s MVP.

Calvin Kamrath: Every fiber of my being wants me to go against Golden State here. I’ll be a realest for today, Warriors in six. If Kawhi is guarding Curry, Klay takes finals MVP.

Otherwise, Curry continues to collect hardware.

Leon Brooks: Warriors in six, Curry takes the hardware.

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