Three trades that should happen this NBA off season, but won’t.

This is the part where you would read some cool opening about how the off season is more important than the playoffs, and in most years I would say that’s a lie. The playoffs is a second season filled with uncertainty and hope for some teams. That is not the case this year. We know the outcome, and the Summer of ’19 will bring some of the most exciting outcomes that we have wanted for a very long time. Lego.

1. The Memphis Grizzlies hit the restart button.
The Phoenix Suns receive Mike Conley, and 2020 Second round pick.
The Memphis Grizzlies receive Josh Jackson, and the sixth pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Ja Morant is gonna be the future of the Grizzlies, or whatever they call themselves moving forward. This kid is box office, and lucking into the second pick means that it’s time for Mike Conley’s reign to end. The Phoenix Suns seem to think that they are a playoff team, even though their record this year doesn’t indicate anything of the sorts. The Suns have been dying for a guard of Conley’s caliber, and this helps them continue to attempt to compete.

2. The San Antonio Spurs start over, but don’t really start over.
The San Antonio Spurs receive Ben Simmons.
The Philadelphia 76ers receive DeMar DeRozan, Dejounte Murray, and the Spurs 2020 first round pick.

This happens, only if Jimmy doesn’t resign.

Nothing is scarier than Pop having a star player that fits hit mid range drive and kick system. To those who say that the Spurs have other up and comers, you do not, and I REPEAT DO NOT, have a player like Ben Simmons. And the 76ers have to know that they are not gonna win a title, let alone win the East with Simmons and Embiid. They surrounded both with shooters galore, and to no avail.

3. A number one pick is traded….
The Miami Heat receives Andrew Wiggins.
The Minnesota Timberwolves receive Hassan Whiteside, 2021 first round draft pick, 2022 second round pick.

Who says no? I don’t believe that Minnesota thinks they can win with Wiggins, and the Miami Heat are looking for building blocks for the future. Miami isn’t the destination that it once was, because player care about winning. Start with Wiggins and build from there. They move out of a contract in Whiteside, and the Wolves could never have found a better trade. KAT is friends with alot of cats (see what I did there) in the league, and having cap next year to have one of his friends come to Minnesota is a necessity if they plan on winning.

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