Draft Day Mock Draft

My Mom always told me that I was a procrastinator, but I always thought of myself as suspenseful. I wanna wait until the last possible second to make the decisions and do the work and boy this was not one of the times I should have used that trait.

But just like Dame, I beat the buzzer. Here is your final 2019 NFL Mock Draft.

1 – Arizona Cardinals select Kyler Murray, QB from the University of Oklahoma.

Let’s not kid around, the Cards are trying to use this old tactic that we don’t want Kyler to drive up the draft cost of Rosen and it’s just not happening. Murray is gonna kill it wherever he ends up, whether that be in Arizona, Washington, NY, or Miami. It would be more of a surprise if he didn’t go here than if he did.

2 – The San Francisco 49ers select Joey Bosa, EDGE from Ohio State University.

My buddy Calder must be salivating at this. From his favorite school to his team in the NFL, Bosa should add an element to the Niners defense that they haven’t seen since the days of Justin Smith.

3 – The New York Jets select Quinnen Williams, DT from the University of Alabama.

Okay, so I said this a while ago, but I think that the Jets are gonna build that line from the inside out. Quinnen has alot of great qualities that will allow him to be one of the great do it all linemen in the NFL. Just look at the 18.5 sacks that he had in his sophomore year.

4 – The Oakland Raiders select Ed Oliver, DT from the of University of Houston.

Man, Leon was right (about Oliver being a top five talent, Kobe is still better than Duncan). Gruden was most successful when he had a Sapp type player in his defense, he’s gonna look to replace that.

5 – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade this selection to the Washington Redskins. The Washington Redskins select Dwayne Haskins, QB from Ohio State University.

They have a relationship already, so why wouldn’t they want to take a future stud QB. They have to trade here, because Gettlemen should be smart enough to want Haskins (Let’s hope so, for Max Kell’s sake). The Giants don’t necessarily lose here though, because…..

6 – The New York Giants select Josh Allen, Edge from the University of Kentucky.

The Giants should be ecstatic if Josh is here. He is an athletic missile for the big blue to send after opposing QB’s. Look for this to be more realistic and hope that Lock or Daniel Jones go in a spot where they can trade into.

7 – The Jacksonville Jaguars select Juwaan Taylor, OL from the University of Florida.

This is probably the best lineman in the draft, and they need him to protect their super(ish) star QB.

8 – The Detroit Lions select Devin Bush, LB from LSU.

Bush is just gonna be a great addition to the defensive mind that is Matt Patricia. He will give you three downs and can be a staple for the defense going forward.

9 – The Buffalo Bills select T.J. Hockenson, TE from the University of Iowa.

The Bills should be ecstatic if Hock is here. This guy has the potential to be the next Travis Kelce-esque type tight end, and he could be the piece that the Bills need for Josh Allen to take that next step.

10 – The Denver Broncos select Jonah Williams, OL from the University of Alabama.

Since the Broncos front office for some reason believes that they can use recycled QB’s to build their team, they are gonna need to have someone to protect the fragile glass statues that they have throwing the ball.

11 – The Cincinnati Bengals select Drew Lock, QB from the University of Missouri.

I called this before it was cool. The Bengals can not be happy with the production that they have gotten from the Red Rifle. They have not gotten what they need, especially with having AJ Green among other weapons.

12 – The Green Bay Packers select Noah Fant, TE from the University of Iowa.

Fant is the better athlete, could end up being the better of the two Iowa tight ends. Aaron Rodgers has not had a competent tight end since the days of Jermichael Finley.

13 – The Miami Dolphins trade this pick to the Houston Texans, and the Houston Texans select Cody Ford, OL from the University of Oklahoma.

DeShaun can not be hit 60+ times again and be expected to stay healthy, let alone win. Ford is gonna be an upgrade at whatever spot they play him at, and a great start to rebuilding that offensive line.

14 – The Atlanta Falcons select Christian Wilkins, DT from the University of Clemson.

The Falcons need to address the d-line, and what better way to start than to select one of the best interior defenders in this draft. They could trade down or select Burns here too, but they are gonna need to draft for fit if they wanna have a chance to blow another 28-3 lead.

15 – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Brain Burns, EDGE from Florida State University.

The Bucs may be the winner of the draft if this happens. Moving down from Josh Allen and getting picks, plus getting a rusher like Burns in return? The Bucs could be sleepy scary.

16 – The Carolina Panthers select Andre Dillard, OL from Washington State University.

The Panthers need to help Cam, cause the dude can’t stay healthy and he takes way to many hits. The 2017 NFL consensus best player in the league needs a plug and play monster to watch his blindside.

17 – The New York Giants select Daniel Jones, QB from the University of Duke.

FINALLY. OBJ HAS A QUARTERB….. oh. Well this is awkward. The Giants get the Manning approved QB for their future and hopefully give Eli the swan song he deserves.

18 – The Minnesota Vikings take Montez Sweat, EDGE from Mississippi State University.

Sweat should have gone in the top 15 if it wasn’t for his medical issues. If he comes back alright, then this was the pickup of the first round.

19 – The Tennessee Titans select D.K. Metcalf, WR from the University of Ole Miss

The Titans just need to bolster some areas on their solid team, and a consistent number one is gonna be huge for them. They already have Davis and other WR’s, but none that give the sheer presence of Metcalf.

20 – The Pittsburgh Steelers select Greedy Willaims, CB from LSU.

We’ve heard the reports that Tomlin loves Ya-Sin, but Greedy has game changing potential and the Steelers need something to ignite the iron curtain secondary.

21 – The Seattle Seahawks select Clellin Ferrell, Edge from the University of Clemson.

Trading away Frank Clark was a huge move, and they fill that spot with another eager pass rusher in Ferrell. If this isn’t the pick, expect a trade.

22 – The Baltimore Ravens select A.J. Brown, WR from the University of Ole Miss.

Brown could be better than his Missouri counterpart, and the Ravens need to find help for Lamar Jackson. Otherwise they might look like they did in the playoffs.

PS. They should have played Falco.

23 – The Miami Dolphins select Jeffery Simmons, DL from Mississippi State University.

Best available player, for a team that needs help on the defensive side of the ball. Expect to see Rock Ya-Sin here if they decide to move their All Pro corner.

24 – The Oakland Raiders select Josh Jacobs, RB from the University of Alabama.

This is obvious since they moved on from Marshawn, Jacobs is the next to don the Black and Silver.

25 – The Philadelphia Eagles select Marquise Brown, WR from the University of Oklahoma.

Brown could have been the first wide out of the board, but we all know what hype can do to the draft.

26 – The Indianapolis Colts select Jonathan Abram, S from Mississippi State University.

Oh, how lucky the Colts are lucky. Expect a trade if someone else shows interest.

27 – The Oakland Raiders select Rock Ya-Sin, CB from the University of Temple.

If Greedy was there at 24, they would have waited on Jacobs. Ya-Sin is a great prospect and can fill in where he is needed.

28 – The Los Angeles Chargers select Byron Murphy, CB from the University of Washington.

Murphy doesn’t have the speed of a number one corner capable of guarding a number one, but he can be a nice compliment Casey Hayward.

29 – The Seattle Seahawks select Kaleb McGary, OL from the University of Washington.

They need help protecting their newly signed QB, and McGary can come in and make an immediate impact helping Wilson and Co.

30 – The Green Bay Packers select K’Neal Harris, WR from Arizona State University.

Harris is touted by alot of people to be the best wide out in the draft, but then again we hear that each and every year. If Harris turns out, the Packers have replaced everything they needed to.

31 – The Los Angeles Rams select Jaylon Ferguson, EDGE from Louisiana Tech University.

Because, why not. Their front didn’t rush nearly as well as they should have, so find a overwhelming pass rusher and getting ready for the meaty rounds.

32 – The New England Patriots select Irv Smith Jr, TE from the University of Alabama.

Replacing Gronk should be the number one priority for the Pats. And Irv should be the best receiving tight end in this draft. Bill could trade down too.

So there ya go, let us know what you think! And as always, I hope my team draft’s better than yours!

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