Calvin Kamrath’s Mock Draft 1.0


I might have picked up this trait from my friend AJ Dugstad, but I’ve gained some impatience as of late. Not towards anyone or anything, but I get an idea and I want to run with it. Four Guys are still dropping Mock Draft 2.0, don’t worry. But I have some free time in what was a day off, so let’s dive into one of my own shall we?

1 Arizona – Kyler Murray, University of Oklahoma.

I think this is almost a lock, but I very well could be wrong. Arizona needs to start over, and a duo of David Johnson and Kyler Murray would be a great start. Bosa see’s alot of consideration here as well.

2 San Francisco – Nick Bosa, Ohio State University.

Obviously, if Murray goes first, this is a no brainer. Bosa has the potential to be Von Miller-esque, and with the Niners in desperate need of any pass rush this only makes sense with Bosa and Ford on that line.

3 NY Jets – Quinnen Williams, University of Alabama.

This is a toss up, between Allen and Williams. Because of the popularity of Aaron Donald, teams are going to start looking to build from the inside out. The Jets follow that formula and take one of the dominant middle men in the draft. They also don’t need a linebacker since they got Mosley from Baltimore.

4 Oakland – Josh Allen, University of Kentucky

You gotta replace the wizard of defense that you traded in away in Khalil Mack, pray to god that Allen can produce half as much as Mack did. Otherwise, you will be regretting trading the second best pass rusher of this generation.

5 Tampa Bay – Jawaan Taylor – University of Florida

Obviously if DeSean is walking, your gonna have to think about a top end WR right here. But you have to think logically here, and if Bruce Arians thinks that Jamies is the future, you have to protect him. Taylor has the potential to be the best lineman in this draft, so this makes sense.

6 NY Giants – Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State University.

I said it in a recent podcast that if the Cards take Murray, you could bet your life the Giants would plan to take to take Haskins at six. If the rumor is true that they aren’t interested in Haskins, alot of things change.

7 Jacksonville – D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss University.

SUPRISE! Nick Foles is signing for 20+ million a year, leaving the Jags with a big need for play makers. Foles thrived when he had Alshon Jeffery to look at down field, so get him a big bodied number one to throw to in the freakish athlete of this draft.

8 Detroit – Montez Sweat, Mississippi State University.

Usually a team that just signed Trey Flowers would look otherwise, but when you get a big bodied edge rusher who can run a fast 40 than the top three receivers in the league, you do it. It also continues to give the defensive genius Matt Patricia weapons to create one of the deadliest defenses in the NFL.

9 Buffalo – T.J. Hockenson, University of Iowa.

Sorry Leon. If Metcalf is here, he’s the pick. Otherwise, you’ll be picking the next Travis Kelce and Josh Allen is gonna need a reliable blocker to make sure he has a career in two years.

10 Denver – Devin White, LSU.

If the rumor that John Elway is enamored with Drew Lock, he would be a lock to go here. If not, Elway is gonna be content with picking a linebacker that solidifies the middle of the field.

11 Cincinnati – Drew Lock, University of Missouri

Cincinnati is just about had it with the Red Rifle. This happens, because they are content with moving Dalton to a team that is picking high in the second round, or has a basket of mid round picks. They could also take Lock here and give Dalton another season, but don’t be surprised if the Bengals are content with staying mediocre.

12 Green Bay – Rashan Gary, University of Michigan.

The Packers need to replace Clay Matthews in this offseason, and they did not sign one of the elite players that head this offseason, so the pick has to be this type of pick. Gary is hoped to be a pass rusher that can be groomed among the elite.

13 Miami – Brian Burns, Florida State University.

Wait for next year, Dolphins fans. Tua and Lawrence will hopefully be available. Build for your defense to compete, and take a hometown boy whilst you do it. Burns bulked up and blazed at the combine, with a ridiculous time of 4.53 at the combine at 249 lbs.

14 Atlanta – Hakeem Butler, Iowa State University.

Don’t @ me. Atlanta has two deadly weapons already, but when Matty Ice was MVP and they went to the super bowl when their offense was amazing. Look for them to get another weapon to return to greatness.

15 Washington – Greedy Williams, LSU.

Build. That. Secondary. With the recent signing of Landon Collins, this secondary is already way better then it was to begin the offseason. Adding Greedy opposite Norman adds more depth for teams with two weapons.

16 Carolina – Ed Oliver, University of Houston.

Biggest faller of the draft. Ed was supposed to go top three in the draft, but he plays for a school that nobody watches. He didn’t make them relevant, but he has the potential to be one of the best out of this draft. Watch for Clelin Ferrell here as well.

17 Giants – Clelin Ferrell, University of Clemson

Pass. Rush. You just traded Olivier Vernon to the Browns, and you need to replace Vernon. The only other thing that makes sense is taking a replacement for OBJ in Brown or something along those lines.

18 Minnesota – Cody Ford, University of Oklahoma

I was gonna make a joke here and say they should draft a QB, but they need to protect they’re current “QB” before they can look for heirs. Cody helps build the offensive line to protect against the NFC North pass rush that is set to come.

19 Tennessee – A.J. Brown, Ole Miss University

If Marcus Mariota is gonna make it as an NFL QB, he’s gonna need some legit weapons. Other people will see other options here, but Brown has the it factor and comparisons to JuJu.

20 Pittsburgh – Devin Bush, University of Michigan.

Shazier 2.0, or atleast that’s what comparison he is drawing. Side line to side line thumper, fast enough to help in pass coverage and for some reason (according to one of my opinionated acquaintances) he might be the steal of the draft.

21 Seattle – Nasir Adderley, University of Delaware.

You just lost what was considered the best safety in the NFL, and adding a freak athlete like Adderley, you can easily see him replacing Earl Thomas in that young secondary.

22 Baltimore – Jachai Polite, University of Florida.

Losing some of your best pass rushers to free agency, you need to replenish. Polite is just the Baltimore type of player, and if you can deal with big personalities then Polite will fit perfectly with that team.

23 Houston – Jonah Williams, University of Alabama

If they don’t get Deshaun Watson some protection, they won’t have a healthy QB by the end of next year. Jonah could be some of the answer, but this is the start in a very long process.

24 Oakland – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, University of Florida.

Oakland needs everything, and I could see them taking Noah Fant here too. Addressing a partner for Lamarcus Joyner is going to need to happen, especially if the Raiders are serious about stopping today’s over the top league.

25 Philadelphia – Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame University.

After trading away Michael Bennett, you need to add another bull rusher to get after the NFC. Maybe not the NFC East, cause you don’t have to worry about those QB’s. If the Eagles are gonna return to the dominance that they had during their Super Bowl run, they need to find a replacement.

26 Indianapolis – Byron Murphy, University of Washington.

Murphy didn’t have a great combine, and he could go alot further down than this. The Colts need a little help in alot of places, if they want to be serious contenders with Luck in the near future.

27 Oakland – Christian Wilkins, Clemson University.

He was a dominant player at Clemson, maybe he can transition that to the NFL and stop the other teams backs. Wilkins can get after the QB too, so maybe he helps make up for Mack’s absence.

28 LA Chargers – Andre Dillard, Washington State University.

If Dillard is here, this is the pick. Sure, the Chargers have other needs but Rivers is getting old and if he’s gonna be around for the next few years, protecting him for the next long while is essential.

29 Kansas City – Justin Layne, Michigan State University.

This is early for Layne. However, this is the type of player that the Chiefs love to take and he has potential to be a great Corner as well, especially in a division that has Antonio Brown and Keenan Allen in it.

30 Green Bay – Noah Fant, University of Iowa.

The tight end position in Titletown has been one that hasn’t been good since the days of Jermichael Finley, if you wanna call him good. Rodgers is gonna need a reliable option if Jimmy Graham has a similar season to his last.

31 LA Rams – Taylor Rapp, University of Washington.

The Rams defense was not as good as advertised. People will have faith that the D-Line will improve from last year, and the Rams got torched an insane amount of times for the talent that they had. His versatility allows him to move all over the secondary, and will be key to sending them back to the Super Bowl.

32 New England – Paris Campbell, Ohio State University.

If Brady is gonna continue to play into his 40’s, he’s gonna need weapons with big play potential. Campbell impressed at the combine, and he will be huge for the Pats replacing Cordalle Patterson’s speed on kickoff returns.

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