Last Minute Super Bowl Predictions

A few hours before the big game, the 4 Guys give their predictions on how it’ll play out:


James White is the X-Factor in his receiving ability. How do the Rams LB matchup with him in that area of the game? I see a lot of spreading the field by the pats sideline to sideline .

MVP is easy. Pats win, it’ll be TB12 going full super bowl circle first and last SB mvp against same team 17 years apart.

30-27 Pats win on a late FG just like old times, the Rams will have their time eventually, just not this year. I don’t see pats losing back to back Super Bowls.


X Factor is Dexter Fowler. If the late season aquisition is used to put pressure on brady then you are gonna see one awful game from the greatest player of all time.

I have the Rams 35-28. I can’t change that pick, because I told my barber that and she’ll call me out otherwise.

Sleeper MVP : Give me Robert Woods as MVP. Hauling in 8+ catches for 150 and two touchdowns.


Rams, 34-28.

Sean McVay is the first non-player to win MVP ….. no, but really, I think Gurley spent two weeks PISSED about the lack of play and production in the NFC champ and he comes out like a man possessed, wins MVP;

I think the first quarter is defensive and conservative play calling and we see a ramp up in Q2, rams pull ahead 34-21 in the 4th and Brady doesn’t have enough time to overcome it.

My X factor is Aqib Talib and whether he decides to actually play football or not. One of the most talent yet least consistent in the NFL at his position. CB play is obviously imperative against the GOAT. He needs to shut down Edelman.


I have the Rams 28-20.

Take a drink every time you hear someone mention how young Sean McVay is compared to Belicheck. I think Gurley will have a decent game, and Jared Goff will manage a game to the tune of 2 touchdowns and 1 pick, winning the MVP because “quarterbacks”

My X Factor is Sony Michel. The Pats need to keep him hot, and scheme appropriately against this Rams defense. He’s almost carried their offense through the playoffs this far, and if he goes over 100 they have a great chance of winning.

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