Knicks : Free Agency winners or front office killers.

The NBA world was shook when the New York Knicks agreed to trade their young European star Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks for Dennis Smith Jr. and a cast of other players. They sent with Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr., who were two of the teams recent free agency acquisitions (and they significantly overpaid to get them, and they both happened to be the teams largest contracts). The main reason to make this deal is to free up cap room for the stacked 2019 free agency class, that has basically every star play bar Giannas and LeBron. After the smoke cleared, the Knicks have an even more sorry roster and a heralded draft pick that could be Zion Williamson, but they also created room for two max deals.

As I highlighted before, the Knicks haven’t been the greatest in free agency. Amar’e instead of Lebron. Nobody instead of KD. They have been a nonexistent whiff in the past, and they’re front office is banking that they can change that this year.

Atleast they better.

Trading away someone like Kristaps brought a bunch of heat from fans. Recieving a player that isnt nearly as good and two picks doesn’t make it any better. Knicks fans have been patient. You have to be with a owner like Dolan, who thought Phil Jackson was making good moves. Ownership and the front office have been massive disappointments for the better part of two decades, with a second round playoff exit as the highlight.

Porzingis represented hope for the Knicks. He was literally the player in today’s league that they could build around and become relevant again. The massive push of chips from Knicks ownership can mean one of two things.

1. They win free agency. They bring in someone KD- esque, and a sidekick too. They get the #1 pick and take Zion and build a dynasty for years to come. David Fizdale and crew compete each and every year with Boston and Philly. The Garden is finally heralded again.

2. They whiff. If anything, they max out Jimmy Butler and Paul Millsap. Take Zion and become a middle of the pack team and finish the 7th seed for years to come, being the definition of mediocrity (which is an upgrade for their current status).

If option one happens, congratulations. You have returned to a level of respect noone thought you could with Dolan.

Option two, clean house. Everybody and everything for future assets. Fire the GM that screwed your future and well, keep remembering Ewing.

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