Is Luka The Greatest Rookie Ever?

By Christopher Wimsatt

For me the simple answer is: Yes.

You maybe sitting there saying, “Chris, how can a 19 year old kid be the greatest rookie in nba history?!?”

The answer is simple.

Coming into the draft, he was one of the most hyped prospects of recent memory from his time over seas, dominating grown men as a teenager. He was the youngest MVP of the EuroLeague, with his shot making and decision making skills blossoming at a very young age. The Mavericks were suppose to be an after thought this year, and with the way Luka is playing right now they are must watch tv every night, just too see the next great play or game Luka will have.

To me he is the most complete player since LeBron came into the league.

He doesn’t have the weight, but he has the height and IQ and to me is a better shooter . LeBron James as a rookie was averaging 21-6-6; Luka in the first half so far isn’t far off at 19-6-7, but also LeBron was the guy on his team at an early age and played nearly 40 min a game . Luka on the other hand has a lot of good players around him and is arguable the best player on his team, while only playing 32 minutes a game.

So to me, the best rookie of all time will be Luka when this season is all said and done. I’ll also go as far as saying if he continues to play and get better every year, he is a future MVP and could possible go down as the best Euro player to lace them up, topping his current teammate Dirk. But for now he will settle for being the Greatest Rookie in NBA History .

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