Why Do You Love Sports?

At 10:07 PM last night, The Godfather asked the Four Guys a simple question:


Lots of people like sports for aesthetic reasons. This is more obvious in sports that are judged, such as figure skating and gymnastics, but even in football, people will describe a “beautiful play.” I believe that when two evenly matched boxers square off, there is nothing more beautiful to see..
When you ask people why they like sports, they say they watch to get excited, or to calm down, or to get their anger out (even though that might not work).
There’s no single answer to why people like sports, just as there no single reason why people are religious. The attractions of both appear to be a complex combination of different psychological motivations, but for me it’s the beauty and art I find in sports that leads to my love.
So, I ask the group: WHY DO YOU LIKE/LOVE SPORTS?


I love sports for multiple reasons. The reason I fell in love with sports was my hate for my father. He didnt like sports, so I did for that reason. But it’s more than that.

It’s a story that is told every time on the field whether it be dominance or competitiveness or people simply doing what they love. Sports is an escape for me, and I’m competitive myself. So yeah. That’s why I love sports.


I can’t really pinpoint why I love sports. I know growing up I had anger issues with my dad not being in my life. So I turned to football and the ability to take my anger out on people without getting in trouble. I loved being apart of a team and winning games, and losing makes you a better person. I remember watching the old school 2000 Ravens; hard hitting Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, and just fell in love with it.

Now, it’s just a part of my life. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t watch or think about sports (probably just die). It’s the greatest reality TV show available; it’s 24/7 . Plus you can alway Always ALWAYS learn something new from it.


I love sports because I was brought up rooting for the 49ers during their dominance in the 80s, and my dad would throw parties during most of the games. It was always something to look forward to, and when I got older I fell in love with the other sports.

Sports is an escape from the reality of life, and something to be passionate about when life is stressing you out or not going the way you’re hoping it would. For instance, right now I’m stressing about a ton of stuff, but I am looking forward to the Warriors vs Lakers Christmas game, The Football weekend, the Charlo brothers fighting Saturday. It helps me get through tough spots in life.


I like sports because it’s an escape for me. Similar to people following reality shows, I follow sports for the drama and the story the season’s tell. The only reasons I have a TV is for Xbox and watching basketball/football on a bigger screen.

I like following my teams because even though none of them know I exist, I’m able to react with them as if I’m part of them. I’m able to experience emotion just from watching people do their jobs, there’s no comparison (other than actors).

Every game has the potential to be a discussion topic, and I love debating overall, so add sports to the equation and you have a hobby that’s right up my alley. Sports showed me how to hold true to my opinions and watching games just gives me more knowledge in that field.

Sports is something I can pass down to my son, even if he doesn’t go pro. The great thing about sports is that you’re able to be an athlete no matter if you get paid or not. You’re not just following your favorite players, you’re imitating their dribble, their jukes, their batting stance, their celebrations. You get to pretend you’re a professional, and get to dream of that possibility at a young age, giving you hope and motivation in life.

Sports hone your everyday skills like discipline, teamwork and problem-solving. So even if you’re not able to go pro or get paid for doing it, whatever you do in life can only be supplemented with a sports background. That’s all the reasons why I love sports.

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