He’s 24. And He’s The Next “24”

Giannis Antetokounmpo.

A 24 year old Greek phenom who is taking the league by storm and leading the Bucks to a season that I personally didn’t see coming. Giannis is slowly building into a player that makes Milwaukee proud. Top five in the game already and the kid hasn’t even developed a jump shot yet (@Ben Simmons). I hate to be the guy who says “you know who he reminds me of? “, because then I’m the guy who either nailed it on the head or is completely wrong. So, here we go…… LBJ Jr.

Listen. He’s not LeBron, but he could be. Stick with me here. Before anyone who rides LeBron’s wagon decided to try to cut me, I know that they’re two different types of players. However, at a very young age, Giannis has a play style very close to LeBron’s. Both are very athletic freaks with a clean slate to build around. The only difference that set’s them apart is LeBron’s freakish ability to pass.

Both of them started on franchises that didn’t have a hope of the playoffs and both quickly learned that they needed to be the stars that they became. LeBron obviously started off way quicker then Giannis did, because Giannis wasn’t ready when he came into the league. (Remember that for my later comparison.)

LeBron quickly led his teams to titles and many personal accolades. MVP’s, the title of best in the world. Giannis is coming for that, a passing of the torch if you will. He might not win as many titles, or as many MVP’s, but Giannis will get his. (Remember that for my comparison later)

LeBron has slowly become clutch, if it doesn’t include the foul line. I’m not saying that he’s Mike, because he’s not. But he does have some killer in him. It’s the exact same with Giannis.

More actually.

The Kid turned down a workout with the King and many other stars this summer. The other teams are the enemy. He gives the opposing bench and fans a mean mug when he stuffs one on them. He isn’t here to meet friends or for the lime light. He wants to win, by any means necessary.

Giannis is a version of LeBron, but he will never pass him. He will get the comparison. He will get the recognition and people will try to belittle him because he is not LeBron. He won’t have as many assists. Hell he might not even score as much. But he will dominate. He will be the best player in the game but people will argue that too. Someone more skilled, or someone who has one good season will get recognition because he’s “earned it”.

Skill wise and play style wise, this kid is the next LeBron James.

But Giannis is the next Kobe Bryant. The next player to have a game that resembles one of the greats but isn’t quite the same. The next player to be the 2nd best at his style.

LeBron is going to be the second greatest player of all time by the time he’s done playing. He’s not going to catch Mike, so we can avoid that barbershop argument for another day.

Just enjoy this kid while we have him, because some of you will try to put him out of the Top 10 one day, and we will have that argument.

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