Trades That Should Happen Before The NBA Deadline

This off season was full of huge moves via trade and free agency. LeBron is a Laker. Boogie is a Warrior (only in the team name sense). Kawhi is a Raptor and DeMar is a Spur. Should this be the only thing to happen this season? No. And you could probably guess what’s coming next.

Here are four trades that should happen by the deadline of the 2018-2019 NBA season.

1. Kemba goes to LA….. but not in purple and gold.

Los Angeles Clippers receive Kemba Walker, Batum and a 2020 1st Pick.

Charlotte Hornets receive Avery Bradley, Patrick Beverly and a 2019 & 2021 1st round draft pick.

Look, Charlotte isn’t gonna contend any time soon. And while I dont think the Clippers will either, they need something to stay relevant now that the Lakers have become the best team in LA again.

The Hornets get some picks for the future and two vets that will help usher in a more defensive minded approach to the front court, while getting rid of Batum’s unruly salary.

2. Pau comes home.

The Los Angeles Lakers receive Pau Gasol

The San Antonio Spurs receive Ivica Zubac and Loul Deng.

This one is personal.

Pau Gasol is beloved by Lakers fans as a whole. The big man is the last attachment to Kobe’s glory days and could be a useful piece to help LeBron usher in his.

The Spurs get a center that plays the style they love and a one time All Star way beyond his glory days, but one that has alot to teach a young core.

3. Jimmy gets his own team

The Portland Trailblazers receive Jimmy Butler

The Minnesota Timberwolves receive CJ McCollum.

Call me crazy. But where there is smoke, there is fire. Jimmy Butler isn’t happy in Minnesota and Thibs knows it. So the decision needs to be made whether to keep the young core or keep Jimmy. I’m saying bye to the latter.

The Blazers get a two guard to replace CJ and add to the defense they need to contend with the guards of the west.

4. Kemba gets the Motor City running.

The Detroit Pistons receive Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb

The Charlotte Hornets receive Reggie Jackson and a 1st round pick.

Listen. Reggie Jackson is not what he was supposed to be when traded out of OKC. As a matter of fact, some wonder if this Reggie Jackson even deserves to play in today’s NBA with a broken jumper and an attitude that could bring Forest Gump down. He goes to Charlotte just to get bought out and play for the LA Defenders or some team in China that Stephan Marbury made famous.

Kemba Walker make the Detroit Pistons into a team that can actually do something in the East since nobody can body those two bigs. Jeremy Lamb isn’t a scrub either and helps on the defensive side of the ball.