Is Jarvis Landry That Crazy?

We’ve always known Jarvis Landry to be an outgoing, loud, boisterous personality. Cocky, arrogant, some may even call him an asshole. One thing I’m not sure that he has been called, is clinically insane.

When being interviewed by Sports Illustrated, Landry of the Cleveland Browns (that part is important) said.

” You’ll be lucky if we don’t score 40 on you. If we get everyone playing to their potential, we can win the Super Bowl this year.”


Super bowl? Yeah you read that right, and i’m sure you had to do a double take after reading it, just as I and many others did. And then it got me to thinking, what if?

Baker Mayfield was the guy I would have taken at one. I think he’s going to set the league on fire. With a wide receiving core led by Pro Bowl wideout Jarvis Landry and a possible second Pro Bowler in Josh Gordon, the ceiling is high for Mayfield in the passing game. The Browns bolstered their running game with Nick Chubb as well, a guy who many considered the best back in college football for a while and a perennial Heisman candidate. And please for the love of god, do not sleep on Corey Coleman and Carlos Hyde.

Denzel Ward is an athletic freak and one hell of a corner back with Pro Bowl potential. Myles Garrett is supposed to be the next J. Clowney and J.J. Watt. Jabrill Peppers is another exciting athletic freak in the secondary that looks poised to scare every Quarter Back in the league. Throw in Randall, Kirksey and Collins, and you actually have a solid defense for today’s NFL.

Match along the fact that they might play in the most dysfunctional division in the AFC, and you might have a shot at a wildcard. If Bell sits out, hell they could mess around and take the division crown.

Look, before we go any further, I want you all to know that I have Green Bay against any AFC that is able to make it. Don’t color me with the crazies because i’m sure as hell not going to pick them.

But at 66-1 odds? You should probably follow me to the casino and throw five on it.