Potential Kawhi Leonard Trade Scenarios

The summer of 2018 started off with a bang when word broke that Spurs star Kawhi Leonard wanted out of San Antonio. Four Guys (minus our Calder Barnard) have you covered with possible trade scenarios that could move the former finals MVP to his new team.

Lets start with the scenarios.

MP: Spurs get: #2, Iman Shumpert, Kostas Koufos

Kings get: Kawhi Leonard

Clippers get: Kawhi Leonard

Spurs get: Tobias Harris, Montrezl Harrell, Avery Bradley, 12th & 13th overall picks

Not a replacement at SF, but Tobias Harris could be as good of a stopgap as any, assuming the Spurs don’t want to take a flyer on the oft injured Gallinari, and Harrell is a high energy guy who Pop can get the most out of. And Avery Bradley just screams San Antonio.

I’d start with just the 12th overall pick, but that + a future (2019/20) is more realistic. Considering the Spurs have pick 16, they could get 3 picks towards the low lottery.

BT: I got about three separate trade possibilities here so here we go *note these were made before the draft*

1. Spurs get : D. Saric, M. Fultz, R. Covington and 10th pick

Sixers get: Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills.

2. Spurs get: O. Porter Jr., M. Morris, K. Oubre Jr and 15th pick.

Wizards get: Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills

3. Celtics get: Kawhi Leonard

Spurs get: Kyrie Irving, 27th pick, and Clippers lottery protected 2019 1st

CK – Hate it if you want. He will be a Laker (says the voice in my head). So obviously that’s the scenario I’m working on

Lakers get: Kawhi Leonard

Spurs get: Josh Hart, Zubac, and 2 first round picks with an option to switch picks in the third year.

Who are we kidding? Do we really think after getting LeBron that the Lakers are gonna short themselves any assets? Spurs get young and stack picks while the Lakers get closer to the Warriors and Rockets.

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