BT Breakdown 1: Cormier vs Lesnar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock Daniel Cormier became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Becoming the second fighter in UFC history to hold two championships simultaneously with the first being Conor McGregor.

. But that’s not people are talking about after that event. After the fight, WWE Universal Champion and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and new UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier got into an altercation in the octagon after DC called him out. After the altercation, during Dana White’s press conference he announced that Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier will happen sometime in the next six months.

This will be the biggest heavyweight fight of all time. Major box office attraction in Brock Lesnar vs arguably the greatest fighter in MMA History in Daniel Cormier.

For the people saying it’s unfair that Brock is gonna come out of suspension and get a championship fight, please name someone in the heavyweight division besides Stipe that deserves a heavyweight championship fight and then try to name someone DC hasn’t beaten that’s eligible to fight who deserves a light heavyweight championship fight. It’s two watered down divisions.

Now that doesn’t mean Brock deserve a shot but he makes the most sense now especially for Daniel Cormier who has one or two fights left in him. It’s a big pay day for everyone and a big exposure for guys on that card. Everyone wins in the DC vs Brock event. Fans get a great card, UFC gets a major fight, fighters get exposure on the card, DC and Brock get a major pay day. And people will pay attention to the heavyweight division.

My early prediction is Daniel Cormier wins.

Til next time