Mike’s Musings (Part 2)

Here’s some more things that cross my mind every now and again. As before, they’re all opinions, but I’d die on these opinions. I’d sacrifice a lamb to these opinions. I’d drink the blood of a calf and summon…well, let’s just get into it.

A Couple Draft Gripes

Why is “per 40 mins” a stat??? Superstars are only playing 36 minutes a game on average, where the hell did 40 come from for these prospects? My numbers would look great if I played an unrealistic number of minutes too.

Also, the “generational passer/big man/talent” tag needs to stop. How are you gonna have a generational passer every draft??? This year was Young, last year was Lonzo, the year before that was Simmons. They all play in the same generation, they can’t all be the best.

“I’m not even FOLLOWING the NBA this year”

I know, Cousins to the Warriors. The NBA is ruined. Same shit we’ve been hearing the last 8 seasons. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“LeBron went to Miami with Wade and Bosh??? The NBA is officially OVER”

“Durant joined a 73 win team??? I can’t even WATCH the NBA this year”

“Boogie joins the Warriors on a $5M deal??? The NBA is HORRIBLE!”

And sure, you people that don’t understand 10 years later why CP3 couldn’t play with Kobe can throw in your rant here too.

But if the NBA keeps getting “ruined”, why is it still the most popular sport? The first article I wrote for this site was about parity, go give it a skim. This isn’t even the first time a team has started 5 returning All Stars, that honor belongs to the 73 Celtics. Once you get past your short term bias, you’ll look back on the 2010’s as the Warrior’s decade, and see that it matches up with the 90’s Bulls, the 80’s Lakers and so on.

Is a Unicorn still a Unicorn?
In 5-8 years the entire league is going to be 6’9”-6’11” ball-handling shooters that move like guards. I’ve never been a huge fan of the “Unicorn” nickname, though it makes sense. The problem here is, unicorns are supposed to be rare.

A unicorn in today’s NBA is usually a big man with quick athleticism, an outside shot and other guard like qualities. We’re seeing an influx of this type of player, and while Porzingis more or less started the trend, players like Giannis, Durant, Embiid and KAT are becoming more and more prevalent. Even young guys like Jaren Jackson and Mo Bamba (if that jumper is for real) have potential to buck the trend of old big men who’s primary job is to protect the rim (sacrificing offense) or space the floor (sacrificing defense). In the past, you were one or the other. Today (and in the future), scouts are looking for a big man that checks all of the boxes.

We saw this in the Finals: switchability is everything. The Cavs and Warriors were switching on lazy high pick and rolls when they didn’t even need to, it was a wild scene. JR Smith would simple run in front of LeBron, and Durant would follow him into the corner as Curry stepped up to guard him. Why this is commonplace, I have no idea. But if this trend continues, the league could be full of KATs, Zingers, Processes and other mobile big men that shoot, handle and guard 1-5. Just be ready for it.