Mike’s Musings (Part 1)

These are things that I think about when I’m falling asleep, taking a shower, or on the toilet. They’re obviously all opinions, but let me know how you feel. Or don’t, I really don’t care.

Old Heads

Old heads complain about the lack of big men in the post and claim it’s killing the game, because “in my day we played inside out”. The only problem in that thinking is: they still play inside out. It’s just the point guard penetrating and kicking out, instead of throwing an entry pass. Too much dribbling? The best team in the league always leads the league in assists and passes. Kill the narrative. The NBA is fun for both the players and the fans.

He’s Too Old

When talking about prospects, age shouldn’t be as much of a factor as people make it out to be. I’ll use Mikal Bridges (22) vs Zhaire Smith (19) as an example. Smith is obviously the more athletic of the two, but in a perfect world he develops the skills that Bridges already has. That’s why the Philly trade is so puzzling to me. I understand 3 years is a lot younger, but why is youth such a big deal? Youth just tells you how long the player will be in the league, and how soon their potential will cap. To the first factor: You gonna keep this guy his whole career? Squeeze every last year out of him? With how free agency works nowadays, how many times do you see someone staying with one team their whole career? That doesn’t benefit you.

And to the potential cap: Most lottery picks are looking for the bag after their rookie contract. It’s very hard today to keep your rookies after 4 years. So, would you rather have someone who can immediately contribute for 4 years, or someone who’s wasting roster space as a “developing prospect” for half that time? It just doesn’t add up to this guy.

Why Not?
Speaking strictly basketball, the Bulls are a better FA destination than the Lakers. (This ones for Calvin)

The Roster Comparison:

PG: Lonzo Ball vs Kris Dunn

Two pass first athletes who can defend. Edge to Dunn in defense, but Lonzo wins for overall skill and potential.

Edge: Lakers

SG: Josh Hart vs Zach Lavine (RFA)

Hart is a very good player, but doesn’t excel in any certain area. Lavine is a proven scorer who is working his way back from an injury. Lavine wins for his athletic ability and more polished offensive game

Edge: Bulls

PF: Julius Randle (RFA) vs Lauri Markannen

Whatever team signs Randle will make the Lakers look stupid for not resigning him, but Lauri had an elite rookie season and gets the nod for his potential to build an offense around

Edge: Bulls

C: Ivica Zubac vs Robin Lopez

Zubac looks like a promising raw talent, but Lopez is a guy who you know what you’re getting every night. Seasoned veteran presence.

Edge: Bulls

Literally the only thing that makes the Lakers attractive is their cap space and the fact that LA sounds better than Chicago in the winter. We all know big markets dominate free agency, but second tier markets like Philly and the Bay have something to say about that. I think the landscape is flattening out, and there are a lot more nice destinations for free agents nowadays. That being said, I still think George goes to the Lakeshow with his Cali roots and, well, it’s LA. But…I’m just sayin…