Potential trade packages for the #1 pick

With the NBA draft coming up, rumors have been running wild about who could be picked with the #1 selection. Our very own Michael Price has Deandre Ayton going first to the Phoenix Suns, but who’s to say they actually keep that pick? After many years of unfulfilling teams and missed picks (with the exception of Devin Booker), the Suns have to hit this pick out of the park or risk running middle of the pack for many more years to come.

I am a firm believer that they will keep this pick and select Ayton number one. If they decide not to however, these are some of the realistic trades that we could see unfold.

Kemba sets the Sun on fire.

Suns receive Kemba Walker, 2018 and 2019 first round picks.

Hornets receive number one selection from the Suns.

This might be the most unattractive deal for the Suns. Kemba is a sure fire point guard with a future that resembles a poor mans Damian Lillard. The picks for the future help build a core of big men in future drafts.

The Hornets get Ayton or Doncic in replacement of Kemba and dump everything besides Monk in hopes of a brighter future.

The C’s cash in again.

The Suns receive Gordon Hayward and Marcus Smart

The Celtics receive Number one, Elfrid Payton and Troy Daniels.

Sign and trade. This trade scenario relies solely on how much Smart demands during the off season. If he’s looking to get paid and the Suns are smart (no pun intended), then this is obviously the best option that is available for them.

Again, I don’t see any of these happening.

Kawhi goes to the desert.

The Suns receive Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green

The Spurs receive Number one, Josh Jackson and a 2019 1st rounder.

The Assassin’s most likely landing spot. When healthy Kawhi Leonard is the second best player in the NBA. Look back to the WCF last year. Kawhi shut down what was the most efficient offense in history. Sure, he might not have kept it up. But he might have. Could’a, Would’a, Should’a. Danny Green adds some depth to this young core and teaches them how to win when the time is right. The thought of Booker and Kawhi is frightening to say the least.

Josh Jackson gets paired with one of the best in the league in Pop, and they also get their pick of top tier talent at one. And if Kawhi sits out another year or pulls some antics, that 2019 pick becomes alot more important.