LeBron didn't get here for his finals record.

I sat on my couch thinking to myself.

“Why would LeBron want to lose another finals?”

And then I thought about it. Maybe LeBron is trying to accomplish something else. Game one of the finals brought one hell of a performance by the greatest Cavalier of all time. 51 points on better then 60% shooting and adding 8 boards and 8 dimes. He almost willed the Cavs to a 1-0 lead in a series many thought would be an easy sweep.

He put on highlight after highlight play. Switching and then re-switching to his original hand on a layup. Stuffing Curry’s layup against the board. The dude is literally putting the team on his back.

Game two brought alot of the same, just without the same stats. LeBron doing all he can and he just can’t get there.

Then it clicked. Maybe he’s not trying to win these finals. Maybe, he’s trying to do what Michael Jordan never did. Maybe just maybe he’s trying to become the second man to ever win Finals MVP on a losing team.

Sure, Michael was never at this point. Michael was always favored in every finals he was in. LeBron isn’t, and he sure isn’t in this serious. As a matter of fact, LeBron shouldn’t have even made it here. I had him losing second round to the Raptors like most everyone else did.

He had help, sure. George Hill became an NBA player again and the random blow ups from players like Jeff Green and Larry Nance Jr. helped get him here.

But if LeBron wins a game or two in this series, and keeps up with the legendary performance’s such as he had in game one, then he could just do what Michael never did.