5 things the Brooklyn Nets should do this offseason (Brandon Taylor)

1. Sign Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker was once supposed to be the franchise player for the Bucks but the emergence of Giannis changed all that. Two ACL injuries and now he looks like damaged goods. But Jabari still has the potential to be a great player in this league and with the young core of the Nets and some vets. Jabari can be a cornerstone for this franchise. But keep in mind Parker is a restricted free agent but the Bucks are not gonna pay him big money most likely.

2. Trade up from number 27 in the draft

For a team that hasn’t had their original first round pick for a few seasons now. Nets are now paying for it but hopefully this NBA Draft the Nets can package their second round pick and the 27th pick and trade up to land a better player in the draft.

3. Find a way to get rid of Mozgov’s contract

Mozgov’s contract is brutal. Calvin’s dumbass Lakers gave him an unnecessary contract but luckily Magic dumped that contract for the Lakers but the Nets are now stuck with it. Now for a rebuilding team it’s time to create cap space. Starts by dumping this brutal contract.

4. Sign a Locker Room Leader

For every young team having a veteran that can help lead the young players on the court and off is huge. They don’t have to be the best player on the team or the worst player on the team. They bring a lot to an organization and helps mold the future of an organization. Ex: Jason Terry with the Bucks. Now as for who is available this offseason: Jason Terry and Udonis Haslem just to name a few. They will come cheap but will help with the growth of your young core.

5. Make a decision whatever you’re gonna tank or compete for a playoff spot this season

Pretty simple. NETS are finally getting their own first round pick now. East is incredibly weak outside of Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto and potentially Cleveland. So their window to make the playoffs is very very open. It’s decision time for them.