The Best Of – Interactive Article

It’s the NBA Finals, and that means one thing! The Warriors are about to beat the Cavs and collect their 3rd title in 4 years. The only chance the Cavs have is if LeBron James goes STICKY and single handedly beats the Warriors because we all know he won’t get any OHH MOMMA!!!

Let’s all hope that Draymond Green doesn’t go all SLOTH shit on guys, kicking them in the WEENIE! In that case, the Finals could come down to whether CHAMBERMAID James can get his VIRGINS to actually show up.

The Warriors are a much better team than the Cavs, in fact the CLEVELAND BROWNS are a better overall team than the Cavs. I think the Warriors would even beat the Cavaliers if they were playing TIDDLYWINKS!!

Besides my Warriors collecting back to back titles, I am most excited about JR SMITH going ORGANIC on the opposing teams fans when they talk PIG LATIN.

Well that concludes the first ever “Four Guys Interactive Article”. Thanks for playing along and having fun with us here at four-guys.com