5 things the Philadelphia 76ers should do this offseason

1. SIgn Paul George

Paul George not Lebron James is a perfect fit for this team. Philadelphia needs an established star that can play off ball, play defense and can bring offense. Paul George fits all of that and more.

2. Figure out what’s wrong with Markelle Fultz

Fultz is the guy the 76ers traded the 3rd pick *Jayson Tatum* to get. And he missed 80% of regular season and didn’t really in the playoffs. Now they need to figure out is he damaged goods or does he still have that superstar potential they thought he had.

3. Fire Bryan Colangelo.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock Bryan Colangelo has burner accounts that he uses to bash 76ers players. Granted it traced back to his wife’s phone but why is their multiple accounts then linked to his wife? If you want to bring in major free agents you need to cut ties with him. He’s not trusted.

4. Resign JJ Redick

If the playoffs proved anything it proved how valuable JJ is to the 76ers. Though they’ll have to convince him to take a pay cut compared to the 20 million he made this past season. Philadelphia needs him back.

5.Trade the 10th pick for future assets

Time to take a page out of the Celtics book. Celtics over the years acquired a lot of assets which they’ve used to land the likes of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kyrie Irving. Celtics also have future assets to with the Kings pick next season, Grizzlies top 8 protected pick, and the Clippers lottery protected pick. Time for Philadelphia to take a page out of the Celtics book and start getting more assets while also competing.

Next Team: Brooklyn Nets