NBA Finals Predictions ft. Cole Johnson

May 31st starts the 2018 NBA Finals, as we get set for a fourth edition of the Cavs vs. Warriors match up. The Four Guys along with special guest Cole Johnson of Cole Sportz have you covered with a in depth preview of your final series of the year.

What percent chance does Cleveland have in this series?

MP: Lol.

All joking aside, probably 1%.

BT: Anywhere between 3 and 6% chance of winning

CB: When you have one of the most dominant NBA players ever to grace the court on your side, you ALWAYS have a chance. But when you are going against 2 of the top 5 current players in the league and another 2 top 20 players, that chance dissipates quickly. You want percentages? Gimme 10% that the Cavs, er…. I mean, LeBron and the tiny toons squad can shock the world and win the Title.

CK: Hm….. I’d say a shocking 15%. I think Jeff Green is a huge factor as to how far this series can go. Pair that with JR Smith maybe hitting the side of a barn and we may have an interesting series.

CJ: LeBron James will have to score between 60 – 80 points every night. He would have to channel his inner Kobe Bryant and 63-at-the-Garden Jordan in the 2018 NBA Finals just to have a shot of winning. That … or Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, or Klay Thompson goes down with a debilitating injury.

And I am not being facetious, either.

How many games can the Cavs realistically win?

MP: I think they have a very good chance of pushing it to 5, maybe 6 if we get a good Jeff Green/George Hill game

BT: One game maybe.

CB: My Warriors like to be gentlemen when they rip out your heart and steal your soul…….thus I give the Cavs 1 game. You can tell by LeBrons body language after each game, that he has put everything he has into keeping this dream run alive. But the teams he is “barely” beating in the East don’t have nearly the talent that the squad he’s gonna match up against in the Finals has. At least 3 of the Warriors stars would be The leader on most of these teams in the East.

CK: To go with my first answer, this series either goes five or six. No way the league lets this be a sweep.

CJ: One. Anything more than that – and Cleveland should hold a downtown parade after they lose the series.

Biggest X Factor in this series?

MP: Love would be the easy answer, considering they matchup better with the Warriors when he DOESNT play, but Jeff Green and George Hill are players in keeping an eye on. Watch out for JR as well, he played very good defense throughout the Boston series, even if his jumper wasn’t falling.

BT: Jeff Green . With Love’s health uncertain. Green has to be LeBron’s go to guy. If Green struggles Cavs will get murdered. If Green plays well they have a shot.

CB: For the Warriors it’s easy, it’s Draymond Green. If he stays out of trouble and isn’t kicking dudes and getting suspended the Warriors will be fine and should beat the Cavs handily. It seems as though 2016 Dray is gone and the more mature Dray is here to stay.

For the Cavs, the answer is Tristan Thompson. When he’s at his best, he is nearly impossible to defend against, and he will cause the Warriors to keep a big body in the game. If he disappears like he’s been know too, then the Warriors death lineup will just run the Cavs to death.

CK: Jeff Green. If he can play like a serious third option, this will be a series (barring Kevin Love’s status and play).

CJ: The biggest X Factor in this series is the same one as with the previous round. I said in the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals that Klay Thompson needed to be stopped at all costs. The team runs through Curry. Durant takes the team home if the game goes the Warriors way – but if you want to stand a chance, Thompson is the man you stop at all costs. Once he gets going – especially with transition threes, you might as well as for a Mack truck to smack you.

Is this series good or bad for the nba?

MP: Go read my article about parity. I don’t think it’s good or bad, we’ve often had 2 or 3 teams dominate whole decades. On another note, I will say it’s good AND bad for the Bron fans; bad because it’ll be another finals loss, but good because it keeps his finals streak alive.

BT: Awful. Warriors vs Cavs/ Bron 4… worst realistic possible finals scenario heading into this season. Sucks that Boston’s offense didn’t show up in the 2nd half other than Tatum. And Sucks that the Rockets missed 27 3s in a row and had some garbage officiating. This is not good for the NBA.

CB: As a Warriors fan, I obviously love it. Since we have beat the Cavs 2 out of the last 3 years we know how to do it and we have the players capable of making it tough on Cleveland. Ultimately, for the casual fan I think this 2 team dominance is HORRIBLE for the NBA. I think if it were 2 bigger markets and both teams were more or less on the same level (talent wise) that this would be just what the league wanted, but the Cleveland market isn’t exactly thriving, unless you are a librarian at one of their many award winning libraries.

CK: I’m a Lakers fan and I was cheering for the Celtics and the Rockets. You tell me.

CJ: The series is becoming increasingly worse for the NBA. It would stand a better chance if the two teams were evenly matched. However, when you have a stacked team on one end – and an all-time great with a bunch of role players on the other – it makes for an unfair fight. I believe now we know what happened when Wilt Chamberlain, as a member of the 76ers, endured every time he faced off against the Celtics. This series is proof positive that a great team can always beat a great player.

Where does LeBron go after this season?

MP: Houston would be wild. I question the fit with 3 ball dominant players, and also question the fit in Philly with 2 ball dominant players, one of which hasn’t figured out he isn’t left handed and didn’t make a 3 all season. Cleveland should be the front runner to resign, but the Lakers also look attractive.

BT: I think Houston strictly as a legacy move. It’s possible he stays in Cleveland it would be a very ballsy move. If he joins Philadelphia it’s a bad fit in general and I don’t see how Lebron Fans can defend him if he leaves Cleveland once again to go and build a Super Team in the East again. Lakers the only way he goes is if Paul George ends up in LA also and maybe another star. Houston he already has two established Star players, a good Head Coach, and other than the Celtics next year. The Rockets have a good chance at stopping Golden State. Plus winning out West helps him a lot in this Jordan or Lebron GOAT debate.

CB: I really hope he goes to Philly or to Los Angeles. In Philadelphia he would instantly turn that team into a heavy favorite to win it all. The Sixers are already scary/young and loaded with talent. Add a dominating vet and I don’t see anyone stopping them on a run to the Title.

In Los Angeles, he will get talent to follow him, and the LA fan base will flood the streets of Hollywood with red and blue 23 jerseys……..that’s right, he’s going to the Clippers!! Jerry West is planning something special, and already has done big things since retiring. He was instrumental in the construction of the Warriors squad (drafting, signing KD, etc) and he will show his worth again this offseason when he nets the biggest fish in the league in LeBron James.

Where do I think he’ll go? Houston

CK: Boy oh boy, did I want LeBron to lose in the ECF. The finals would have been blown over by the overwhelming intrigue of where LBJ is headed.

Sleeper pick is San Antonio for me.

The most realistic options are the Rockets and the 16 TIME NBA CHAMPS.

Just imagine LBJ with the purple and gold on.

CJ: Not Philadelphia (because Ben Simmons plays almost just like him).

Not New York (because he would beg for Dan Gilbert to own the Knicks … and that is saying something).

Not Los Angeles (because he already wouldn’t play for the Clippers due to Donald Sterling – but not the Lakers because he wold not be the biggest star on the team … that role is Magic Johnson’s).

Not Boston (Kyrie got away from him – only to see ‘The King’ again?).

Not San Antonio (because it is the same situation he currently has – for the exception of a better head coach, and possibly a wing player).

Not Houston (because, although it is the best landing spot for him – and exactly what he wants, in playing off the ball more – he may have to exert more energy due to Harden’s playoff disappearing acts and Paul’s deteriorating health).

LeBron should stay in Cleveland, It isn’t because he owes the city or the organization. It is the fact he will not have the freedom to do what he wishes anywhere else in the NBA.

Finals prediction.

MP: Bron averages a 30 pt triple double, we see a couple good JR games, maybe a good Korver game in a close loss.

Dubs in 5. F@#k you Calder.

BT: Warriors in 5. Bron will get his, Love if he even plays will get a double double. But the Warriors got too much offense and are just too good for the Cavs supporting cast to keep up with. I think the NBA will give the Cavs one game this series so it doesn’t end in 4.

CB: I hope we get exciting close games with LeBron getting his 45 point triple doubles, and KD and Curry combining for 80 every game.

What I think were getting is 4 blowouts by the Warriors, KD getting 30+ while Steph and Klay each go for 20 or so.

You know LeBron is going to get his, and ill guess he puts his team on his back and blows out Golden State in 1 of the games back in Cleveland….. but it’s not going back to Cleveland for game 6….. Dubs in “Not 4……Not 5….” o wait, yes 5. Put your $ ON WARRIORS IN 5

CK: If I have to pick, its GS in 5. I hope it’s GS in six, just so I get one more game of basketball before the eventually boring off season.

CJ: Warriors in five. It would be an alternate universe if the Cavaliers do the impossible and win their second NBA World Championship in three years.

That’s all! Huge thanks to Cole Johnson for coming on board for this article and we hope to have him on in the near future!!