Brewers true success lies in bullpen, not bats.

If I told you that the Milwaukee Brewers were leading the NL central by five games this far into the season, well you’d

probably believe me. Usually, the Brewers start off crazy good and suck after the break, or they suck until the break and turn it on when it’s already to late.

However if I told you that they were winning because of their arms instead of their bats, you’d call me crazy.

Milwaukee has always been known as a team that can go for eight to ten hits any given game. They have had a few mediocre aces during their history, but their bullpen has always been lacking as far as consistent players that can get you to your closer. As of late however, the Brewers have been on fire thanks to a few relievers and two names in particular.

Josh Hader and Jeremy Jeffress.

Jeffress, (not counting today’s two runs given up) has thrown 28 innings while getting four wins. But get this, his ERA is a .32. Yes, you read that right. A .32 ERA through 27 appearances is literally on fire at this point. His ERA after giving up two runs to the Cards today will not do him justice for the performance he’s putting on this year.

And Josh Hader? The man only waved 8 in 2 2/3 innings in what is considered to be one of if not the most legendary relief performance of all time. The man has been striking out people left and right this year and his numbers are insane. To expect them to keep this rate of play going is insane to say the least.

But what if they do?

Hader would throw for over 200 k’s in less then half as many innings, and Jeffress would go down with an ERA that is only familiar with the name of legends. Pair that with the bats that are on fire so far, and the rise of a few potential starters and look what you have.

Milwaukee, this might be your year. Don’t let it be 2011 all over again.