5 Things the Boston Celtics should do this offseason

I’m going to go through all 30 NBA teams in the coming weeks and tell you what I think each team should do this offseason. So mind as well start with the team I cheer for


This postseason showed something the Celtics need Kyrie still don’t let the media fool you with the Rozier talk. Yes they beat the 76ers without him and the Bucks but they lost to the Cavs and 2 major problems were they sucked on the road and offense was inconsistent. Kyrie helps with both with his experience in big games. Danny HAS to get an extension done with Kyrie this offseason


The backbone of this Celtics team. Marcus Smart value doesn’t show up on the stat sheets. Defense, Basketball IQ, Hustle. Marcus Smart has proven he is very valuable to the Celtics. Though his shooting is wildly inconsistent. He makes it up for everything else he does. Willing to put it all out there. Boston needs to bring Smart back but also at the right price.

3. Sign Wayne Ellington, Will Barton or Tyreke Evans

Celtics needs more offense off the bench, specifically at the wing. Bringing in one of these guys would be a major boost. All 3 would be great fits in Boston. Tyreke is a long shot but Ellington and Barton are legitimate possibilities. All have a great offensive game and all will come at a small price.

4. Trade Terry Rozier

If anyone’s trade stock on the Celtics jumped this past year its Terry’s. After his best season of his young NBA career. Rozier has one year left on his deal making now the perfect opportunity to trade him and bring in more assets to the Celtics.

5. Draft a young Center or Bring back Baynes for another season.

Celtics the last two drafts have brought in two wing players via the draft with major star potential. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Now Boston needs to draft their Big man of the future. Whatever that means working out a deal to trade the 27th and Rozier for a top 5 pick to draft one of the big men in the draft or if they see no one they like this year they still got the Kings pick next year, potentially the Grizzlies and Clippers picks next year also to draft their future big. If that’s the case bringing back Aron Baynes would be the best case case scenario for this team.

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