Forgot About Dray.. (Calder Barnard)

Everyone talks about the Warriors dominance the last 4+ years and they mention Steph Curry – the Superstar who has inspired an entirely new way to play the game, the DEEEEEEEP three over and over. They talk about his Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, the kid with the nicest spot up jumper I have ever seen. And more recently they discuss the impact that the 2nd best player on the planet, Kevin Durant, has brought to the squad. The guy who can go for 40 points in his sleep seeminingly. BUT, YOU ALL FORGOT ABOUT DRAY…..

As much as everyone who’s not repping the blue and gold(ish yellow) overlooks Draymond Green, all of us here in the Bay Area realize that he is the ultimate glue guy. He is the reason that we celebrate titles every year or so and he is the reason we are in contention to go back to back this year. I have argued with everyone who will listen that he is in fact a star in this league, and is a player you NEED on a championship team, but they all tell me that he would be nothing on a team like the Kings or the Bucks. I’ll tell you what….. He’s on the Warriors, so we don’t need to play the what ifs, and on the Warriors he is undoubtedly a star and ultimate glue guy. Now I’ll tell you why….

He’s unarguably the leader on the defense, as the DPOY award last year and the defensive first team awards every year I can remember proudly show. He can D up any player in the league, from a Chris Paul/James Harden type, to the Greek Freak or Anthony Davis. He can get a triple double any game where that is needed, although as he has stated before, he doesn’t chase stats like…..cough cough…..some other guys in the league. In fact, with Steph still not at 100% in round 2, he did just that, he averaged a Triple Double in the 5 games against the Pelicans. Not because he wanted to, but because we needed him to. Dray can play the point, and dribble up the court and run the offense, or he can play center, and bang with the bigs down low as he often does in the “death lineup” or the “Hampton 5” (as the 4 guys were the ones who recruited Durant -the 5th – in the Hamptons a few years back).

Still not convinced? Well try this on for size, as much as the other 3 stars on the team are head and shoulders better offensively, Draymond Green is the best overall player the Warriors have and is the emotional leader they need. When Steve Kerr gave the coaching duties to the team during a regular season game, he let Andre Iguodala (the old vet) and Draymond Green run the show and plays for the game. So now you understand how much he means to this team if his own coach asks him to constantly be the leader.

Although Dray will never be the guy to go for 45 and the game winning shot, he will consistently give you 16,10,14 with great defense and enough emotion for an entire team. When the guys feel defeated at halftime, he will give them that speech they need to come out in the 3rd with guns blazing, as evident from their +4.7 points per in the 3rd (next closest was Houston at +2.1) over the competition. He is the ultimate glue guy and the guy that every other team hates, but when he’s on your squad he’s un-replaceable. He’s most certainly a star in this league (see the 3 straight all star appearances) and when you think of the Warriors in the future, Don’t forget about Dray……

Calder Barnard