Backlash Review

So the second WWE Network event since WrestleMania and it wasn’t a great event. So here we go.

Preshow: Bayley vs Ruby Riott:

A Little Match that probably should of just been moved to raw tomorrow. Nothing big. Didn’t suck but wasn’t good. Pretty pointless match. Ruby got the win.

Match Rate: 2/5

First Match on the Main Card: Seth Rollins vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

Match of the night. Amazing back and forth contest. Both competitors really put it all out there. But it was Rollins picking up the win. And Still Intercontinental Champion.

Match Rate: 4/5

Next Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax for the Raw Women’s Championship

Pretty much the same as their mania match only difference is Alexa got a little more offense in. Nia obviously picked up the win. And cut a brutal promo about bullying and I felt like I was being punished having to listen to it.

Match Rate: 2.5/5

Next Match: Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton for the United States Championship

Decent match wasn’t good but wasn’t bad. Not really much to talk about in this match it was just eh. Jeff Hardy retained.

Match Rate: 2/5

Next Match: Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan

I think WWE got what they wanted out of this. Daniel Bryan win while still making Big Cass look strong by beating Bryan up after the match. Bryan won via Submission.

Match Rate: 2.5/5

Next Match: Carmella vs Charlotte for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship

Same as the Orton vs Hardy Match not really anything good nor bad to talk about. Pretty much a sleeper match. Carmella picks up the win. Gonna be interesting to see who she defends against next. And what’s next for Charlotte.

Match Rate: 2/5

Next Match: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship No DQ

Good match. Garbage finish. Double low blow ending in a draw because neither could get up before the count of 10. Second best match of the night regardless of the crappy finish.

Match Rate: 3.5/5

Next Match: Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Worst match of the night. Pretty much a calm the drown before the main event. Lashley and Strowman won in pretty dominant fashion. Then after the match beat the hell out of Zayn and Owens.

Match Rate: 1.5/5

The Main Event: Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

Crappy match to end the show. Joe attacks Reigns before the match. They go back and forth for a bit. Then Joe starts dominating and then Roman Spears him and wins. Typical Roman Match nothing new.

Match Rate: 2/5

So this show went downhill after the Rollins vs Miz Match. Show Rate: 2.5/5 . It’s a show you’re only gonna want to see once and once only. Not worth watching it multiple times. Onto NXT Takeover Chicago 2 and Money in the Bank.