2018 Off Season Predictions

Last year, our founder Calvin Kamrath struck gold. Kyrie to the Celtics with a package built around Isaiah Thomas would send the Cav’s star point guard to the team that offers the most potential to keep LeBron out of the finals. This year, we’re back and better then ever. All Four Guys collab on this to offer you what we think will shake down this off season.

First off, your favorite twenty something year old has a bold move on his mind.

Michael Price prediction: Deandre Jordan to the Dallas Mavericks / Phoenix Suns.

I know. Dallas hates him. But they’ll get over it once they realize he’s 40x better than Powell and Mejri. And it’s still his home. The Mavs need rim protection, and if my Bagley prediction comes through that could put Dallas into a scenario where they have two twin towers to intimidate any team trying to take them in the paint. It’s a start, anyways.

I could see him being the perfect fit for the Suns if they go with Doncic as well. If they take Luka, they’ll need more than just Jackson to cover up the deficiencies of he and Booker. And as I’ve said before, Phoenix hasn’t had a solid center since Amare.

He might be going from one rebuilding team to another, but I think after the Clippers showing how they treat their stars he’ll be ok leaving the franchise. Then again, who knows as it’s a player option for a buttload of money.

Brandon Taylor prediction: The Lakers land one of the top three free agents

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet for you guys. This offseason will belong to the LA Lakers. After many many years of swings and misses. Magic Johnson will bring in the first major free agent signing in years. My prediction for this offseason: Paul George, Lebron James or Demarcus Cousins will become a Los Angeles Laker.

Our resident Warriors fan is coming back with not one but two hot takes out the gate

Calder Bernard prediction: The Lakers sign DeMarcus Cousins and Paul George to a four year max deal.

The Lakers are about to become a SCARY ASS team now that Magic Johnson is running things in the City of Angels. They finally have a solid young core that will only get more and more dynamic the longer they play together. They have the cap space coming into this offseason, thanks to the moves they made at the deadline, and they will take a page out of Magic’s other teams playbook, the Dodgers, and SPEND SPEND SPEND….. who?!? You may ask? Good question, and no one really knows the answer, but I think they will land 2 superstar caliber Free Agents this offseason, and the dream duo would be Boogie Cousins and Paul George.

Talk of LeBron going to the Lakers is all but absurd, and they will keep their eyes and ears open for other big name players as they do not want to get left at the alter like they did so many times before Magic Johnson came to save the day. Yes, part of their lack of attracting star players was because no one wanted to play with Kobe, BUT a bigger factory was the terrible management/ownership group they had running the show. Players LOVE Magic, and they have already shown interest now that he is the head honcho.

As a Warriors fan, I hope they do become relevant again, because the NBA is a better league when the Lakers win more games than they lose. Another “big” name to look for is LiAngelo Ball…… once he gets passed up in the draft, we know Lavar will somehow get him signed by Los Angeles as an undrafted FA, and 2/3 of the BBB will be repping the purple and yellow in Hollywood.

The Golden State Warriors trade Klay Thompson for a young star or future draft picks.

What we want to happen, and what will happen in the Bay Area are two completely different things. With Klay Thompson looking to get PAID after next season, the Warriors will have to make a move before it’s too late. The annual “Who wants him” auction will ensue this offseason, and I would not be surprised if we get a young up and coming star (ala M.Brogdon or a Kuzma type guy) in a trade for Klay Thompson. Not only do the Warriors need to keep this current dynasty going, but they also need to make sure the future is bright once the perennial All Stars are past their prime. Guys like McCaw and Bell will be asked to take more of the load in the upcoming seasons, and as sad as it is, I think it’s time to unload Klay Thompson to get a quality piece back in return. So let’s start now……..Who wants him the most?

Last but not least….

Calvin Kamrath prediction: The Los Angeles Lakers sign Paul George.

Call me predictable. This has been in the makings since before last season. He is the player that LA needs to get back to the dynasty that they were. Since 2014, the Lakers have deprived of a top 10 player or a top 10 team for that matter. George brings a huge scoring boost and his defense isn’t the worst I guess (3X all defensive team). Also, George will be a huge lure for other free agents that are in this years class and even more so the following year.

The San Antionio Spurs sign LeBron James

This has to happen.

LeBron has been playing with coaches that hand him the responsibility when it comes to play calling. He has been the defacto GM and he has dictated the way his team heads in personal.

Not anymore.

Pop is by far the biggest name in the coaching world and the most tenured as well. Mix in all of his championship success and LeBron will finally have his Phil Jackson, his Pat Riley. LeBron to San Antonio is the only chance that LeBron has to dethrone the Warriors in the west. Oh, and that includes Houston.

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