Mac vs. May reaction

Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor in the tenth round by way of knockout after the referee stopped the fight. The fight was scored by me at that point 6-3, so lets get it out of the way now that Conor was not ahead on the cards nor was he going to be after being completely gassed after six.

The main reason for this article is because, I was suprised. Anyone who knows me knows that I had been saying all week that this wasn’t going to be a contest. That Floyd was going to put on a display of boxing prowess that no-one has ever seen before. That Money Mayweather was easily going to take this either on the cards or by a knockout. And while I was right about the outcome, I was wrong about a few other things.

First off, all the respect in the world to the notorious one. Conor actually put some combinations together. His jab was there and was keeping Floyd back for the first three rounds.

If he would have been able to keep a level of stamina throughout the fight that matched his energy in the first three, we may be talking about a different outcome (like Floyd winning on the cards because Conor still wouldn’t have won).

As much of a disgrace as I thought this was going to be, I would actually love to see Conor in the boxing ring again. As a matter of fact, you know what I think would make the most sense for Conor if he were to stay in the ring?

Joining the Money Team.

Think about it. Mayweather training Conor would be the way for him to punch his ticket in the boxing world, and staying relevant while punching a massive paycheck every fight.

As for Mayweather…….. Well.


On a serious note, I cant wait for Floyd to keep the boxing world afloat. His product in Tabiti looked promising tonight, and I cant wait to see what hes able to do with his future fighters.

Congrats Floyd. You’ve cemented yourself as #TBE.