McGregor vs. Mayweather predictions.

This weekend, the world will witness a fight that was never supposed to happen. The UFC vs. Boxing. One of the pound for pound greatest boxers of all time vs. a man that many consider the baddest dude in the UFC. We’re gonna break down the spectacle of the century, but first, a few questions.

Does this fight hurt boxing? Or does it make the sport relevant more so then it has been?

Dan: If anyone is going to say this fight is a black eye on boxing they just conveniently don’t know the history of boxing. Ali fought a sumo wrestler in an exhibition match. However this fight is actually intriguing in certain aspects. Any boxing promoter that is upset is really upset that Floyd got the fight.

Michael: I think after the fight, boxing will go back to the way it was. Floyd is most likely finishing his career on this, and admittedly I don’t know anything else about boxing. This fight is going to inevitably bring out the “fake” boxing fans with their opinions and scoring, but what happened between now and the long awaited Pacqiao fight? I feel like MMA will always be on top from here on out.

Calder: More eyes on a sport never hurts it, and everyone’s eyes will be on this “Boxing” Match. The outcome of the fight will go a long way in whether it makes it more relevant or not, but in no way does it hurt boxing.

Calvin: Surprisingly, I think it does. Look, Boxing is one of Americas favorite pastimes. I think once this is done, more and more MMA fighters are gonna see the check and make their way over. Which may draw more names to the sport, but the quality of the product will diminish.

What’s next for each fighter?

Dan: Floyd says this is his last fight so retirement is imminent. Conor told Dana White that he will fight for UFC no matter what. He also has 4 fights left on his contract with UFC. I think Conor will be looking for the biggest fight/payday out there. Completing the trilogy with Diaz makes some sense. A lot of options for Conor.

Michael: After Conor loses, he’ll go back to UFC and continue dominating. The beauty of this fight is that he won’t lose any fans if he loses, he’s expected to lose. Floyd most likely will retire with his 50-0 record, ride off into the sunset one last time. He’s done literally all he was asked for, beating Connor is just a fitting ending to a fantastic career.

Calder: If McGregor wins somehow then they will go at it again. But more realistically Mayweather wins and goes into retirement while McGregor most likely whoops up on Diaz again. If he stays with Mayweather and the money is right, I could see him fight Paulie Malanagi (sp) as his next gimmicky fight.

Calvin: Floyd goes back to promoting while getting a steady check off his new logo. McGregor either sets up a fight with another boxer in hopes of a similar pay day, or goes up a weight class in MMA and tries to dominate a different class.

Does Conor have a chance?

Dan: Conor has the classic “punchers chance ” but I think its a slight chance. Conor will have to try and make Floyd brawl and 48 guys haven’t been able to accomplish that yet.

Michael: No. That’s all.

Calder: I think it’s more that I want to see him have a chance, but I’m all about it. He’s bigger and stronger and younger than Mayweather and I feel he could shock the world. I’ve learned to never bet against Conor.

Calvin: Look, this is like having a Rugby player challenge Messi in a soccer challenge. Ill give him a punchers chance, but then again, that’s less than one percent in my book.

Which sport is winning more from this fight?

Dan: UFC wins if Conor goes the distance or wins. UFC has the most to gain here

Michael: Boxing definitely will get a win from settling the MMA vs Boxing debate, but at the same time I don’t think anything will get taken away from the UFC. They’re still going to be a popular and growing brand after this circus.

Calder: UFC for sure. They are taking over the fighting world fight by fight.

Calvin: Like Dan said, if Conor can land something of significance or even last a few rounds, MMA will gain a ton because it was able to stand with one of the pound for pound greats.


Dan: I think the fight goes like every other Floyd fight. Slow and tactical. I dont see Conor winning more than 1 round. I do expect a decision.

Michael: Everyone’s expecting a KO by Floyd, including me. I see Connor maybe losing his conditioning and adrenaline after the 5th or 6th, slipping up and falling on his ass. Which I would thoroughly enjoy.

Calder: More than likely it’ll be a unanimous decision for Mayweather but I am hoping and rooting for a 4th or 5th round KO by MCGregor

Calvin: I have Mayweather knocking out Conor after seven or eight rounds. Conor doesn’t have the stamina to go the distance and if he makes it that far, it’ll be a clear decision with the victor being the 50-0 Floyd Money Mayweather.