Who really won?

So as I sit here the day after Jones vs Cormier II, I am still saddened by the whole fight. I personally built this fight up to be a “good vs evil” fight or “right vs wrong” type of fight. What this fight showed is how the fans of sports only care about one thing, sports. I’m not 100% sure why this bothers me as much because I do think Jon Jones is the greatest fighter of all time. I think it bothers me as a person not just a fan of sports.

Daniel Cormier has been the Champion for 2+ years and has been booed mercifully since he became champion. Why is that you ask? I dont have the faintest idea. He fought anyone they put in front of him. He did not pick and choose who to fight, someone steps up, he puts them down or throws them down like he did to Henderson multiple times. He passed every drug test. He is a devout family man. He is an American. He doesn’t cheat. He believes in hard work and you get what you put in. He has given everything to this sport. He even stepped in to do commentary on numerous shows and for fights ringside. When Rumble Johnson called out DC after his 15 second knockout of Texeria, the fans booed DC even after he said he would take on Rumble again. It took Johnson to question the boo’s from the fans to get them to halt. My question is simple, what is wrong with fans?

Instead, fans cheered Jon Jones. You know, the guy that was caught cheating and tested positive. The same guy that did a hit and run at an intersection and ran into another driver who happened to be pregnant. Instead of trying to help the woman Jon Jones ( the guy people adore and cheer for ) took off on foot. He did return moments later however obviously knowing he was wrong and to help the woman out right? Wrong. He came back to retrieve his cocaine in the car he was driving only to run off again. Jones was despised by a lot of his peers and was talked about as being a “fake person”. I understand people go through trials and tribulations and hopefully grow from it, thats the “American Story” right? Problem is even after he came back and fought again, he said all the right things. But right before UFC 200, he got popped AGAIN. Yet fans cheer. Why?

Even after winning the Light Heavyweight title last night he showed what his peers and insiders talked about, his “fakeness”. He was trying to show some emotions with tears but that didn’t work. He then went on to thank Cormier and called him a true champion and a better person and father. Even went as far as giving him a kiss on the back of his head. Kinda a polar opposite from all the trash talk and blowing kisses to him at the weighin the day before.

This fight unlike most put two guys who genuinely did not like one another in the octagon fighting for a belt. Fighting for legacy’s. I understand the aspect of selling a fight and trying to draw eyes to the event in hopes of driving PPV buys up. But this was way different. Camera’s caught both off air really showing disdain for one another. Jones went as far as saying he is willing to kill Daniel Cormier in order to win. So what exactly changed? So why is Jones cheered?

Is it because he is a absolute freak when it comes to genetics? Super long and gangley with razor sharp elbows and athleticism we only read about? Is it because he’s unbeatable at this point in his career and we have him on a teflon pedestal? Someone please inform me. I’m all ears.

Whats next for Cormier and Jones? Cormier has lost to the champ twice now. Its an extremely arduous task to try and sell a 3rd fight. With his good friends as contenders and former champions in the Heavyweight division ( Cain Velazquez) and at 185 ( Luke Rockhold ) it’s hard for me to fathom him moving up or down. Maybe he is the sorta speak gatekeeper to an opportunity at fighting Jones. Maybe he sits down and thinks retirement. One thing is for certain, he will put in the work.

As for Jones, he has two viable opponents that would be great fights. He even called out Brock Lesnar in hopes of a super fight. I do not see that happening because Brock is under contract with the WWE for another year. Either way he goes the opportunities are endless for the new UFC Light heavyweight champion. And from what we have seen he will have a mob of fans supporting his every decision and cheering his every move. I for one will be standing and rooting for Daniel Cormier and won’t back down. I will not stand a cheer for Jon Jones. I will respect him as a fighter. But I won’t cheer on this act.

Last night I learned nothing new about the fighters. They let it all hang out. They showcased UFC and made the PPV buy well worth it. What I did learn is fans just don’t care. I lost respect for a lot of fans.

Fight on DC!

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