Possible Trade Scenarios for Kyrie Irving

The NBA world was shocked on Friday, when a report that Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland. Stating that he was no longer interested in playing with LeBron James and wanted to become the focal point of a different franchises offense. Here are a few realistic and possible trade scenarios that could happen in the days to come.

Miami makes a move.

Cavs receive Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson, and a future first round pick.

Heat receive Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert.

Okay, this trade is just to make fellow writer Dan Williams feel better. Although, this trade does make alot of sense. Tyler Johnson is a young guard with solid role player potential. Dragic fills the hole left at point guard by Kyrie and helps take some of the play making responsibility off LeBron. Plus the Cavs start to plan for the seemingly imminent departure of the King.

As for the Heat, they get a Star that they haven’t had since the aforementioned King. Kyrie is an match up nightmare for a defense and Hassan can void some of his errors down low. Iman helps clear up some of that defensive slack with his stellar play, while being a solid back up to Dion or a stretch three

The Knicks start to turn around.

Cavs receive Carmelo Anthony and a future first rounder.

Knicks receive Kyrie Irving and Channing Frye

This seems to be the most likely. With the Cavs having no real GM (and everyone knows that LeBron is the real GM) and LeBron’s off the court relationship with Carmelo, this trade seems destined to happen. This is a chip for the Cavs to try and convince LeBron to stay in the land after this next season expires.

If this isn’t the trade that the Knicks make that ships Carmelo, they are missing a huge opportunity. The Knicks start to turn around with Kyrie and the Unicorn at the helm while LeBron gets his best friend and the Cavs get future consideration.

The Celtics cash in (with a little help).

Cavs receive Isaiah Thomas and the Nets 2018 pick .

Celtics receive Kyrie Irving , Levoy Allen and Tristan Thompson

Indiana Pacers receive Al Horford and a future first round pick.

Hear me out. That Nets pick might not be as bad as everyone thinks. The East has become a joke. Besides the Cavs, Wizards and the Celtics, no one has a real chance in the East. The Nets will win more games then they should this year, so the Tics need to move this pick for a star asap. They receive Uncle Drew and a great rebounding big man. They get to ship out that Horford contract that is way overpaid.

For the Cavs, this is purely a cash dump while receiving alot of the same things that Kyrie brought. A versatile offensive threat. Sure, he couldn’t guard anyone more then three inches taller then him, but then again, the Cavs were pathetic on D last year too. With that Nets pick, they get hope that maybe they can get an heir to the throne.

The Pacers are in clear rebuild mode. They will gladly take on any contact so long as they can make the cap work while receiving assets and trading anyone not named Myles Turner.

San Antonio follows the GS suit.

Cavs receive Danny Green and two future first round picks.

San Antonio receives Kyrie Irving.

Yes, this is alot. Yes the Spurs are not known for making these kind of moves. But they have one of the best, if not the best two way player in the game in Kawhi Leonard and a cast of role players that mesh better then any team in the league. And we all know Pop can utilize Irving to the fullest of his potential running his system. More of the pressure is taken off of Aldridge and he will start to see his open looks from mid range again. And they can finally match up in some ways with the Warriors.

The Cavs start to haul assets for coming years while getting LeBron another shooter in the corner, but one who can play defense better then most on his offensively stacked team.

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