How the Lakers ruined a dynasty.

Let me start off by saying, I have no pleasure in making this post. I love the Los Angeles Lakers, and they were the reason that I fell in love with the game of basketball. And it wasn’t even the Lakers fault. It was Mitch Kupchak. As a matter of fact, hold up. Let me rephrase this.


Yeah. That’s better.

You see, the Lakers didn’t have a bunch of stars. They had a great youth base. Drafting Randle (double double machine). D’Angelo (future all star ((if you ask me) /starting gaurd). Finally, the took Ingram. A future star in the making with all the tools.

I’ll give Mitch credit. Finding talents like Nance Jr. and Clarkson late in the draft were great finds. Everything I have said above has been good things about Mitch. So how did he ruin the Lakers dynasty?

Free agency last summer. Rumors flying about Hassan Whiteside. Kevin Durant. Big name free agents. Finally the Lakers were gonna return to being a team that others would fear. But when free agency started?

Timofy Mozgov. Loul Deng. Role players that the Lakers already had in place. But they gave out big contracts to players that are way past their prime, and do nothing to help up. If the Lakers would have done nothing instead, they would have been in better shape for this year’s free agency.

But the result, is two big contracts that we need to trade young assets with in order to get out of. The DLo trade. I guarantee the Deng contract will not expire on the Lakers roster.

Thank God for Magic Johnson. Maybe he can work a little Magic and get us back to where we deserve to be. The top.