Weekly ReKap

The best part of sports is speculation and debating opinions and defending your point of view. Unless you have lived under a rock this week has been great for not just talking points and debating or speculation then you have no heart for sports. The best part of my job here at Four-Guys is to explain my opinion or prediction and we all get to see if I was right or wrong and see where I was way off. I have received emails from people that show where I was wrong and were I was right, its great to hear from fans of sports. Fans that are open to a good discussion or debate are the best. I can’t wait to hear everyones opinion on these topics. Lets touch base on a few things that happen and some speculation.

Boston trades the number overall pick to Philly for the number 3 overall pick and an additional 1st round pick.

It appears its a forgone conclusion that Philly has moved up in the draft to pick Markelle Fultz from Washington with the pick from Boston. In the day of age that we live in now where there must be a winner and a loser in every deal, who won or lost this trade? To me if I am forced to chose I would lean towards Boston and heres why. If Boston thinks Josh Jackson from Kansas will be there at 3, why not trade down and pick up an additional pick? I think it was a brilliant move by the Celtics and shows that they are really ahead of a lot of franchises in the league and it shows yet again. As to the 76ers side of things, I am a believer that if you are really infatuated with prospect then you go get them. Don’t worry about media and the backlash. If Fultz turns out to be a stud then you will look like a genius. My problem with Fultz is a little like last years number one overall pick in Ben Simmons. Ironically both seem to be nearing the possibility of playing with one another in Philly. At some point, you have to factor in the winning aspect to a player. Last year Ben Simmons didn’t lead LSU to a NCAA tournament birth and the college declined to participate in the NIT. Fultz on the other hand only won 9 games at Washington. 9 GAMES!!! In high school his team wasn’t great, they were just ok. When do we start putting a premium on winning? Fultz in my opinion is looking more and more like Kevin Martin from years ago. A nice player that can get you some buckets but he won’t be the leader of your franchise and won’t really do much for helping other players get better. Maybe Philly is banking on Simmons to be that guy but if Im Philly I would really be cautious with Fultz and the expectations.

Boston Celtics looking to create a package in order to deal for Anthony Davis

Now this is something I love to chew on as just a sports fan in general. Im also a weird guy that throughly enjoys the offseason due to the never ending rumors and trade talks between fans and organizations. What was one of the biggest weaknesses of Boston? Rebounding should have been the first thing out of your mouth. The second thing should have been size down low and it really reared its ugly head vs the Cavs. The next step to this game is where it gets really fun. What package can Boston give to possibly garner enough interest from the Pelicans to want to trade Anthony Davis? The Pelicans are like most teams in the NBA, not really a lot of wiggle room cap wise and not a lot of assets usually equals a bad equation with the result is a losing franchise. So how do you get yourself out of the rut? Well that easier said than done. Trading AD for draft picks and maybe a player or two would make things a lot easier. The Pelicans have gaping holes at Shooting Guard and the Small Forward positions respectively. With Boston gearing to draft Josh Jackson after the trade with the 76ers, the Celtics are kinda overstocked at the Small Forward position. If Im Danny Ainge I would go to the Pelicans and offer a package of 3 1st round picks of their choosing plus Jae Crowder and maybe even Avery Bradley for Anthony Davis. I understand that people will think that still isn’t enough but the Pelicans have proven over the last 5 or 6 years with AD that they have yet to build a winner around him and the only way to get out of this purgatory that they find themselves in is by getting draft picks and hopefully one or two of them hit. If I am Boston, you immediately switch from ” Lets build for the future” to a ” We are in a win now mode”. I think it is a very interesting proposition for both franchises and I would love to see AD on a winning team that would immediately be title contenders with the addition of himself and Josh Jackson.

Ah yes, can’t have a week of nothing new to report on the Kap front of things. This week he has tweeted out comparing law enforcement to slave catchers. How does this help his case to become a NFL Quarterback?

Its simple to answer that question point blank and move on but I feel like while the topic has been beaten like a dead horse, it is good to have open dialogue between everyone no matter how uncomfortable it is for both sides. Simple answer is no. I understand and I agree with the reason behind why he knelt during the national anthem. As a former member of the military I didn’t like it but I understand that is his right to protest. The fact that it was a peaceful protest as well was also a great selling point to me as well. Only thing hurt during his protest was peoples feelings and to some it opened up peoples eyes. But the dream of a perfect society and everybody getting along with one another is exactly that, a dream. Reality is far from the dream of a perfect Utopia. For someone who is trying to get any gig in the NFL tweeting out something controversial does not help his case. When this topic arises just like anything racially motivated people commonly make the mistake of talking in absolutes. ” My uncle in the military doesn’t have a problem with him kneeling so obviously the military personnel doesn’t have an issue with it.” Or the flip side, ” My dad hates him because he knelt during the national anthem and my dad was in the military. Obviously the military does have an issue with him”. The real world is kinda weird just like earlier when I talked about there must be a winner and a loser, there has to be a right and a wrong in this situation. Well Im here to tell you that both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Very smart men such as David Shaw went on record by saying he is behind Kap but he believes he didn’t really think this all the way through. He didn’t think of the consequences of his actions and he was more focused on his actions than thinking steps ahead. David Shaw who is a African American head coach for Stanford is a very intelligent guy in my estimation. He said that last year during his kneeling and the media hoopla that followed it. Fast forward to now, that Tweet doesn’t seem like its a smart thing long term or short term to better his chances at joining a roster anytime soon. Eric Davis said he needed to distance himself from the tweet and really focus on getting a job in the NFL. Colin Cowherd brought up that on Kaps twitter account it has almost been two years since he last tweeted something about football. That to me is kind of mind boggling and makes me question if he really wants to play in the league. He had a great opportunity to sign in Seattle but the Seahawks came out and said they believe he’s a starter in the league and deserves and opportunity but they won’t sign him. To me, that was a red flag. To me that said that he was looking to get starter money and compete for the position wherever he signs. If he believes he’s a starter and wants 15 million a year but an organization sees him as a backup and wants to give him 3 million a year, thats a big jump for either side. With this tweet it makes it even less likely that a team will contact him or his agent. My advice to Kap, every now and then we all have to toe the line and be “pc” and just keep your head down. Putting a target on yourself will only scare away teams. I do hope he finds a job in the NFL and continues to be leader in his community.

This has to be my favorite topic of the last week to be completely honest with you. It has a little conspiracy behind it and I get to poke fun at LeBron James a little bit.

Part one, FENCE-GATE. So we all heard the story about someone or people spray painted an racial motivated word on his fence in his home in California. LeBron went on and talked about it and went a little too deep for my liking but that is what people do. Everything is the best thing ever or the worst thing that ever happened to a person and it can’t be discussed. I personally always kinda questioned the story. But it was revealed that the friends of LeBron saw the fence and immediately painted over the word then called the cops 2 or 3 hours later. They showed the cops the picture and showed LeBron the picture of what was written and the rest is history. The case is still open, unsolved. So heres the questions I had and still have. Why haven’t they been able to get some type of description out of the person or people that did this by now? There are multiple cameras in that area of the fence and if I had to guess, there are multiple cameras on other houses nearby that could assist in catching the culprit. After all it is a 21 million dollar house next to other 10+ million dollar houses in that neighborhood. And the other question is why did they paint over the word BEFORE calling police? Why didn’t they call them immediately so they could take pictures of the crime and maybe get a clue or two? My conspiracy theory is the friends of LeBron James knew deep down inside that the Warriors was going to beat the Cavs and beat them bad and there was nothing LeBron could do to stop it so they will create a story to throw shade to the state of California and maybe get some sympathy for LeBron. I don’t quite believe LeBron himself knew about the plan but he for sure lived it up during the interview he gave after it.

Lastly, after the NBA Finals concluded LeBron said he never played on a “super team”. When he said that I had to rewind the TV a few times to make sure I didn’t hear what I thought I heard. Then Slam Magazine came out and said that LeBron told them during an interview that he didn’t START the super teams and to go look back throughout the history of the NBA. HELLLLLLOOOOOOO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Nobody asked you about super teams from the past, you were asked about your super teams of the last 7 years. So which one is it Mr. James? You never been on one or you aren’t to blame? This is just yet another example on why he is hated by so many fans of basketball, he changes what he said and backtracks so much that I can’t really take him for his word. Anyone who actually wholeheartedly believe he won’t leave Cleveland again, you clearly hadn’t watched him over the last 7 years. He’s a walking contradiction and it humors me yet again.


As much of a fan I am of both guys, I really can’t believe they are actually doing this. I don’t need to spend a lot of time on this either. A lot of times the easiest answer is the right answer. Floyd will win this fight and it won’t really be close. The only way Conor can make this entertaining is if he can go all Marco Maidana and trap Floyd against the ropes and just throw wild punches from a lot of different angles in hopes of catching him. Ill play spoiler here, he won’t be able to do that.

As always everyone we love hearing your feedback from not just my articles but everyones articles here at Four-Guys. Hope to hear from everyone.