Predictions for tonight's WWE PPV, Extreme Rules. Ft. Four Guys first special guests.

Tonight, the Raw brand goes extreme. With a great lineup of matches, we welcome FSD’s very own Brandon Taylor and Mason Heller to help break down this spectacle. Let’s get extreme.

Rich Swann and Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. Who ya got?

CK: Banks and Swann. Sasha needs to get our of this storyline asap.

BT: Banks and Swann.

MH: Banks and Swann.

If Aries doesn’t take the title from Neville, who should the next cruiserweight contender be?

CK: I think we get to see TJP start to regain his ground in the division. Although, Swann could get another push because of his Bank situation.

Prediction: Aries makes Neville tap out in a technical classic.

BT: TJ Perkins is the only logical person if not him you could make the case for Tozawa.

Prediction: Neville retains.

MH: I think the next contender should be Brian Kendrick again with TJP turning on him after he has the title for a while.

Prediction: Aries gets the W.

Bonus Q. Who is the culprit behind Enzo getting attacked?

CK: Everything to this point is saying that Cass is the one attacking his best friend. And if I had to put money down, that’s where it would be.

BT: Big Cass. It’s well known that they are very high on Big Cass as a future main event star so it wouldn’t be a shock if they decided to split them up now.

MH: I think it’s Titus O Neal and Apollo Crews.

How long until the Hardys become “broken“?

CK: Week after week the crowd wants it more and more. And that’s why I think WWE is going to slow build this until SummerSlam.

Prediction: Jeff hits a Swanton off the top of the cage and pins Sheamus to retain the titles.

BT: I wouldn’t expect the Broken gimmick in WWE any time soon because of the On going Impact Wrestling vs Matt & Reby Hardy case over the rights to.

Prediction: Cesaro and Sheamus recapture their titles.

MH: I’d say around leadup to summerslam you’ll see them do the broken gimmick more and more leading to a storyline fully with the broken gimmick for a summerslam match.

Prediction: Hardys retain.

Should Bayley retain her title or should Alexa hold on to it for the first lengthy title run?

CK: Bayley seems to be at her best when she’s Champ. But with this ridiculous gimmick match, there’s no way Bayley gets the win here.

Prediction: Alexa gets the win, beating Bayley down with a kendo stick.

BT: Alexa should win, they’ve been through this before with flip flopping the championships. Not again. Plus it’s an Extreme rules match and Bayley’s personality is all innocent and kid friendly you’d be killing that if you have her beat the crap out of Alexa with a Kendo Stick.

Prediction: Alexa beats Bayley.

MH: I think Alexa should retain but I believe that Bayley will win it back because of the whole thing leading up that Bayley can’t hit Alexa with the kendo stick.

Prediction: Bayley gets the win.

Who ya got?

Miz or Ambrose?

CK: Miz gets the win by DQ.

BT: Miz wins via Disqualification.

MH: Miz gets the win

Finally, who should challenge the Beast for the title at Great Balls of Fire?

CK: I think it has to be Finn. He’s been lacking real momentum ever since he got back. If it’s not him, Joe is the only other option.

Prediction: Finn in a classic reminiscent of the Armageddon Hell in a Cell.

BT: I want to go with Finn Bàlor really bad but it makes no sense dude to the fact you are trying to make it somewhat of a realistic challenge for Brock. Brock Lesnar is nearly 300 lbs and Finn is around 195 lbs. So that also eliminates Rollins, Bray makes no sense, and Roman on a business sense you save that match for WrestleMania or a big 4 PPV. So I’m going with Samoa Joe to get the victory.

Prediction: Joe gets the win.

MH: Finn Balor it was his title and he would be the perfect guy to take the title into summerslam to make a huge main event with someone. And it would be interesting to see where they go with the Finn Heyman mutual respect thing.

Finn eeks out the win, setting up his date with the beast.

Tune in tonight and see how we did!