Breaking down game one, predicting game two

Does Klay need to be a factor on the offensive side of the ball for the warriors to win?

CK: Most others are gonna say that the dubs don’t need Klay because of last night. Well, last night was something I’m sure isn’t gonna happen every night. Klay needs to be the solid scoring option because KD and Chef arent gonna click like they did last night. Expect Klay to get his rhythm down before they head back to Cleveland, otherwise this series could get interesting.

DW: The common mistake people make is they think if you arent scoring then your not helping out on the offensive side of the ball. He needs to stay engaged like hes doing now. His passing was great and he provides spacing on the floor. Eventually his shot will start to fall. I thought he missed 5 open looks/layups. Klay is fine. Plus his scoring woes isn’t affecting his defensive effort.

CB: Heck NO he doesn’t need to be an offensive factor, he just needs to continue his dominant Defense and contribute where he can on offense. This series is going to be the KD/Curry show, anything that the Dubs get from Klay is just a bonus.

MP: The simple answer would be no, as was demonstrated in last night’s mauling. However, as I’ve previously stated either Curry or Durant have off nights. Klay provides that second option when one of the two are struggling with their shot. Ah, the luxury of having 3 elite scorers…

Was game one good Warriors offense or bad Cavs defense?

CK: Is bad Cavs offense an option? Nobody could hit a shot. LeBron looked awful. Sure, he had a solid stat line but that isn’t the LeBron that people rave about every day of their lives.

The Warriors offense isn’t gonna get any worse. The Cavs need to outscore them to have a chance in this series, and that’s something I don’t think they can do.

DW: It was both. I said it in the preview. Cavs defense is bad. Warriors offense is great. Thats a bad matchup. There was a play that summerized the game. KD in the middle of the court, Steph on his left and Klay trailing on his right. KD looked at Steph fading to the corner and Kyrie went to the corner, so did LeBron. KD gets a uncontested dunk. Lebron yells at Kyrie eventhough he was the last line of defense. Thats just fundamental basketball. Cavs have missed/blown assignments all year. Its not going to change over night.

CB: The game was exactly what all of us educated people knew it would be. The Cavs D is pathetic, the Warriors Offense is one of the best EVER. The Cavs offense is what we didn’t expect, they made countless errors and if they came to play, this would have been a 10 point Warriors win, not 22.

MP: Poor defense. If I had a penny for every time KD got a free lane to the basket I’d have enough money for box seats to Game 2. This has been the problem all season for them, and they were simply exposed. LeBron himself looked lost, didn’t know who to yell at or instruct even during the plays when it was his fault.

If Durant continues to play at this level, will he still have an asterisks next to his name for this finals?

CK: Yes. Look if Kobe or Jordan had lost to the Pistons and then left for that team the next year in free agency, they would have one. Hell, they would be crucified for it. But that will only last 5-10 years, because history only remembers titles.

DW: I dont need an explanation here. Simply put NO.

CB: An asterisk?!? Are you kidding me?! Of course not!!! He contributes at all and the Dubs win the title and he will be crowned a Champ just like the rest of the team. In 5-10 years, whether he plays out of his mind or not won’t matter, he will be – Kevin Durant, NBA champion!

MP: Not at all. If anything this helps him. It shows that he didn’t win a ring because he latched onto 3 all stars who carried him; he’s doing his own heavy lifting

What Cavs player needs to step up in order for them to have a chance?

CK: JR Smith or Kevin Love. Let me tell you if you don’t already know. The Cavs have an all time kind of offense when they are clicking. When they aren’t, you get results like last night.

DW: JR Smith has to become the 3rd scorer. Love will struggle all series to get buckets. Last year he averaged 8 points. Its not by accident. KD and Draymond are just bad match ups for him. He will work so much on both sides of the court.

CB: It has to be K. Love and/or Tristan Thompson. They NEED double digit points from at least one of them, and most likely both of them if they not only want to win the series, but win a game.

MP: It looks like my pre-series pick Love isn’t going to have as great of a series as I thought. That being said, he did grab 21 boards against an elite defender in Green. If anyone I’m going to stick to my pre-series x-factor: the entire bench. It was very apparent LeBron and Kyrie needed help, and none came to their rescue. 15-20 points from ANY of their bench guys could’ve swung the game a bit.

Who wins game two?

CK: Dubs by 14. Cavs start to show life.

DW: Game 2, same as game 1. Blow out for Dubs. Game 3 will be the big game to look forward too.

CB: You know I got my Dubs to rip the hearts out of Cleveland in Game 2, similarly to what we did in Game 1. Oracle will be rocking and the Warriors feed off that energy. Durant gets close to 40 again, Steph gets 30+ and Draymond Green gets a Triple Double while we beat the brakes off the helpless Cavs 135-107.

MP: Dubs.

Regardless, game two should be a little bit closer then game one. And guys, we may be on our way to our first 16-0 team ever.