What we need out of the NBA Finals.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the night. We have waited all year, put up with a season that we already knew the result too.

At one point, everyone and their mom were hoping for an upset. Boston to take Cleveland or maybe Kawhi to be something godlike and defeat the Warriors. Instead, the third chapter in this trilogy takes place, a series that will surely die some legacies and move people up and down the ladder that is the greatest of all time list.

A 7 game series that will be a shootout and allow all of these star players to shine as bright as possible, with every game being down to the wire. Well, it better be. This series is what will define the season that we have had to endure. Sure, we got to see amazing seasons from the likes of a Russell Westbrook and James Harden take his team to third in the west. But did that make it any different? For instance, if Russell didn’t break the record. Harden doesn’t have a great season.

We were still gonna have the same finals. The East has always been a forgone conclusion, partially due to Lebron’s greatness/super team. Partially because the east doesn’t have the talent to compete with him. Who are we kidding? Lebron is the best player in the world. There shouldn’t be any doubt. But the second best player in the east is on his team! Who’s third?

Well, if you find yourself saying Isiah Thomas, hand over your sports card. It’s John Wall or Paul George and it’s not close. But Wall isn’t even a top ten player in the league. And PG barely makes the cut.

Instead, the other seven are located in the west. Where it used to be a toss up that the Spurs dominated. But then Golden State became special. 73 wins after winning a title, they were going to be clear favorites every year. But then, they added Kevin freaking Durant. And now there is no question.

So, what does all this mean? It means we better get a 7 game shootout. Not because that’s what should happen. But because it’s what we deserve. But, even if it isn’t close, the writers here at Four Guys will break down the results for you after each game. Enjoy tonight. After all, this is like our christmas.