The West vs The East, and why it isn't an argument about which conference is better.

The famous East vs West argument is one that every loyal NBA fan hears every single year when it comes to the playoffs. Many will claim that LeBron James has a cake walk to the finals (and with the team he has I tend to agree). And so, let me explain why the East vs West comparison isn’t as close as you’d think. Let’s start by understanding a few things.

The West is way ahead of the East as far as the style of play goes. Western Conference teams like to hoist up three’s at an alarming rate. The East is a more bring it inside, pound the ball into the paint, team friendly basketball game.

The West has more big name markets. Sure, the East has the Knicks (who aren’t going to get a marquee free agent with the way Phil Jackson is running that franchise), the historic Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat. Those top three do not compare to the market that is either team in LA (also not saying that LA has done better, just saying that they have a better market), even a Dallas ( no state income tax) or San Antonio. Then you have to think about other places like Golden State, Houston, Portland, or even Denver now (I kid).

Now, everything that I have said so far points towards the West being the better conference, right? Well, not necessarily. The Western Conference style of play is one that is to be done with extreme caution. Shooting three’s as a primary offensive option will not always work and those teams will have off nights, but when they can knock them down, it’s almost pointless to try against.

Oh, and the West has more talent, and it’s not even close. The West have the best guards. The West has the best wings (sorry LeBron, you aren’t enough to carry an entire conference). And they have the best bigs. As a matter of fact, the All NBA teams are 60% represented by the Western Conference. Sure, that isnt a wide margin,but the next four players off the list are from the West. The point being, the West dominates the East in the talent department. And sure you could say that the East has better systems in place, but you’ll lose that argument nine times out of ten.

So, sorry LeBron fans, or Eastern teams in general. Just remember that next time your Eastern team comes up short against the West, there is a reason why.