For Those NBA Fans Still Crying About "Parity"

*insert overused meme here*

Where’s The Beef?

“Why even watch the NBA it’s always the same teams and everyone else is fighting for 3rd and LeBron is gonna be against Curry who’s got an unbeatable team but LeBron is super good and…”

I get it. You’re sick of seeing the same teams in the Finals. You want…no, you NEED more. But before you whine about it, ask yourself…why? Why do you think quality dips in the NBA when you have two favorites before the season begins? Wouldn’t you think it’s something worth diving into? I’m here for you man. Let’s turn you away from the cynical side, trust me, no one wants to have the same opinion as Skip Bayless…

“We already know who’s going to be in the Finals EVERY year”

To start, one must have a basic grasp of time. The Cavs and Warriors have been the favorites EVERY year for the past…3 years. Three. Years. Or, for my math guys out there, about 4% of the (surprisingly short) history of the NBA. And for the most part, every sport has a small number of true contenders every year. You could say there were only 4 true ones in the nba last year (Spurs, Cavs, Thunder, Warriors)

The Warriors have been the standard in the Western conference for 3 years. Curry has arguably been the best PG in the league for (drumroll please)…3 years. If you can’t handle a 3 year streak of seeing the same teams be successful, then maybe being a prisoner of the moment applies to you.

But, then again, maybe we all need a refresher of the history of the NBA. Which leads me to my next point…

“I miss the old Kany…I mean, I miss the old NBA. Much more PARITY”

Ugh. Parity gets thrown around in these arguments like a political buzzword you’re sick of hearing. It affects me the same as the word “moist” affects most people, cringeworthy at this point. It’s like the “Make America Great Again” campaign, what era are you trying to go back to where America was great? Slavery? Segregation? Political scandals? Anyone? Bueller? Anyways, it relates to the NBA as well. Let’s take a look at the history of “parity” in the NBA:


2010-2017: 8

Western Conference: 5 teams

Eastern Conference: 3 teams

Most: Miami (x4)

2000-2009: 11

Western Conference: 3 teams

Eastern Conference: 8 teams

Most: LA (x5)

1990-1999: 11

Western Conference: 7 teams

Eastern Conference: 4 teams

Most: Chicago (x6)

1980-1989: 5

Western Conference: 2 teams

Eastern Conference: 3 teams

Most: LA (x8)

1970-1979: 10

Western Conference: 6 teams

Eastern Conference: 4 teams

Most: Baltimore/Washington (x4)

1960-1969: 5

Western Conference: 3 teams

Eastern Conference: 2 teams

Most: Boston (x9)

So which era do you want to go back too? What do you miss more, the Lakers running through the 80’s or the Bulls running through the 90’s? How bout those Auerbach Celtics huh? I bet your grandpa loved watching those guys. Yet the complaints still come from LeBron running through the 2010’s.

We’re still more or less on pace to continue our upward trend of variety in the Finals, not to mention we aren’t having as many repeat champions (only 2 teams have repeated in the last 10 years, with no 3-peats since Shaq and Kobe). In the end, variety has actually gotten BETTER. But maybe that’s not enough, maybe I’m missing something. Let me make sure I’m covering all my bases…

“It’s not about the teams, it’s about the QUALITY”

You think this has been a bad playoffs so far? Well, you might be on to a little something. The Cavs and Warriors might be the only teams to meet in the Finals undefeated in the postseason. But wait…that’s bad for the game?

Accomplishments of greatness are supposed to be valued, not disparaged. One must realize they’re watching 2 of the most dominant teams in NBA history on a collision course. Hell, the Cavs nearly dropped a couple games to the Pacers. The Warriors got the 1 seed, obviously they’re going to get some cupcakes (plus a Spurs team without it’s best player). Still, in my opinion it’s been a fun playoffs to watch.

If Rondo doesn’t go down, my Bulls had the potential to sweep Boston in the 1st round. The Cavs had that miraculous comeback. Memphis gave San Antonio all they could handle and then some. Marc Gasol hit a game winner. LeBron is playing like he’s possessed. The Bucks nearly upset the Raptors. Washington/Atlanta was a close, hard fought series. Sometimes it helps to not look at the big picture. Just watch basketball. That’s what I love doing, and I’m going to continue doing it for a long long time. Because I still love this game, and you should too.

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